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It’s Cold Out There

When I got up this morning it was –14.6 C.  Thank goodness the wind went down or it would have brutal on the morning walk.  As it was the coyotes were just howling up a storm this morning.  I would say they were voiced their displeasure with the drop in temperatures.

Other than the coolness it was a nice walk this morning.  Of course it is slippery as all get out with the rain, snow, melting that has gone on for the last couple of days.  So far no falls and I hope it continues that way Smile


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This is Not Nice

Old Mother Nature sure spit out raspberries yesterday/last night.  The snow just kept coming, and coming.  Of course there is a real nice inch or two of ice under the snow so it is slippery as all get out.  The wind is still blowing quite strong which is putting a nice crust on the snow banks and slicking up the ice patches even more so.

Needless to say my papers didn’t arrive until 9:20 a.m. which makes it a bit difficult to get them delivered by 7 a.m. Sad smile  While I was waiting I took the snow blower to my driveway and the sidewalks in my area.  I was going great guns until I sucked up a rock and it jammed the impeller.  That was the end of the snow blowing for the morning.  I did get the machine back into the garage and put a heater on it to melt some of the ice and snow so I could see what was wrong.  As soon as I saw the rock I knew I had found the problem.  Once I got a pry bar and a large hammer and removed the rock, then the blower was back in good shape once again. 

By the time I had the blower fixed I figured I’d better get down to the hall and clean off the walkway for the days traffic.  Lots of ice on the sidewalk so I used the scraper and got a fair amount removed.  I’ll pick up some salt today and get rid of the rest.  Right now with the wind blowing so hard there isn’t a lot of sense throwing salt on as it will just blow away.

After that I noticed my papers had just arrived so I headed out at 9:25 a.m for my normal 45 minute walk.  With all the nice slippery roads and snow drifts I didn’t get home until 10:45 a.m.  So 45 minutes took me 80 minutes today.  Of course with all the trudging through the snow, my legs feel like rubber.  I’m sure they’ll be a bit sore tomorrow.

Sandra actually had a appointment in the city today to see a therapist, but with the roads the way they are I just felt it was not worth it so I cancelled it.  I called the office and got another appointment early in November which is actually better for us.

As I’m typing this the sun actually popped out.  Hopefully it will stay out and melt a bit of this darn white stuff for us.  We can only hope anyway.  It will be soon enough that the snow will be here to stay though so we might as well get used to the idea.

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Nasty Morning

We knew it was coming and that it was only a matter of time before it arrived.  We got our first taste of the upcoming winter over night.  It drizzled all day yesterday and as the day moved on it got cooler.  On my way home last night at about 10 pm I could definitely feel the bite in the air.

I was not surprised when I went out this morning at 5:45 am to find a skiff of the white stuff.  The wind was/is quite strong coming out of the northwest.  This didn’t make for a very nice last 1/2 kilometer walk home as I had to walk right into the wind.  It is snowing albeit sort of a pellet type snow, but with the strong winds the face takes a kicking when you are walking directly into it.

The weatherman says we should have this off and on all day today.  But of course it will warm up a bit and take all of this away.  It is our wakeup call to what is to come for the next 5 months or so Sad smile

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Foggy Morning

The fog was hanging quite thick over the town as I did my morning papers.  Of course after yesterday’s 7 mm of rain, the roads are a bit mucky, but the new gravel that was put on some of the streets certainly helps.  Another benefit of the little rain we had is that it settles the dust down.  With no rain for the last 2-3 weeks everything was powder dry and the least movement caused the dust to fly.

However, I guess we shouldn’t complain as the local farmers did need some dry weather to try and get their crops off.  There are some that will just have to wait until freeze up as the grounds are too wet still to drive on.

What a year for weather Sad smile

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Scary Thoughts

For the last week or so the sky around town has been full of geese. There is a field of peas just on the edge of town and the geese have found it and are delighted in filling up on the peas for their long jaunt south. Sometimes the air is just black (and white) with the geese trying to get the best landing spot checked out. Of course they are very vocal as well when they are trying to land and when they are landed and feeding.

The one strange thing I have found for the last couple of days is that when I’m heading out bright and early in the morning; I’m hearing chick-a-dees chirping away. Now what the heck are they doing this far south at this time of the year. Normally we don’t hear/see them until the middle of winter when it gets too stormy in the north. We haven’t even had a sniff of snow yet and in actuality the weather has been quite nice for the last couple weeks. No rain finally 🙂

I’m just hoping this is not a sign of what we are going to be in for this coming winter. Mind you the way our weather has been since last year, I certainly would not be surprised if we had a lot of snow and a long cold winter. Brrrrrrr

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Regina, AB – Really?

I recently clicked on a link to a site that was offering to supply 100 minutes of free long distance calling for your cell phone. The program is called ‘VoiceItAll’ and is put out by Canadian Tire. You can view the site at: VoiceItAll.

The program sounded a bit interesting for any of us who only use their cell once in awhile for long distance calling. So I looked around at the site a bit more. Eventually I found a link to check for local access numbers that you have to call first before you get your free long distance calling. The page for the access numbers is found at: Voice To Text.

A quick click on the link takes you to Dial In Numbers. Once you choose your country (in my case Canada) and then you have a list of local access numbers for the provinces in Canada. As I scrolled down the page I came to ‘Regina, AB’. The number actually looks like a Regina, SK number as it is prefixed with the area code of ‘306’ and the ‘564’ is a Regina, SK local number. I did take a picture of the page just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

I wasn’t aware that Saskatchewan has now become part of Alberta! Those darn politicians, what else are they not telling us?

Seriously, you would think a company as large as Canadian Tire would actually know what province Regina is in.

As a side note, to use this service you need to call the local access number which in my case would be Regina, AB. Even if it was where it should actually be, ie Regina, SK; it would be still a long distance call for me. So I would have to call long distance to get a long distance saving plan. Something doesn’t seem right about this thought….

Oh well, I keep looking and surfing around.

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A Little Strange

For the first time in over two years I actually had a morning off on Wednesday. I found a young fellow who wants to deliver the papers, however, he doesn’t want to do it when school starts. I figured what the heck, let him do it for August and give my old legs a few days rest. I took Stefan out last Friday and Saturday and let him go solo on Wednesday. Of course I got up to make sure he actually got up to deliver the papers, which he did.

I had spoken to his parents and they were behind Stefan all the way so I figured I’d have no problem at home. His dad leaves for work around 6:00 a.m. normally, so I figured he would make sure that Stefan was up and at em. So far, so good.

Seeing as Stefan is going to handle the papers, I figured I might as well head to the lake this weekend and try to get the roof sealed a bit more. Craig, Sam and I were making the plans and wouldn’t you know it, the Hardware called at 5:00 p.m. and wondered if I was available this weekend. I hated to say it, but I did advise them that I was planning on the lake this weekend to finish up the roof. I know how much Vickie and Kevin enjoy a weekend off and I wish I could have helped them out this weekend, but I also don’t want to have my hard work from last week go to vain. Craig and I ripped up the whole floor at the lake and installed 11 sheets of 4 X 8 plywood last weekend. We need to cover it with some flooring, but first we need to ensure no water is getting thru the roof, hence the trip this weekend to seal the roof.

However, back to my morning walks . . . This morning I did in fact have to make the 3 mile walk as I needed to deliver the flyers this morning. This wasn’t part of my deal with Stefan, so I handled it. I also need to deliver the Sun’s on Monday as that wasn’t part of my deal with Stefan. Still with him delivering the papers I can at least snooze a bit longer (once I’m sure he is doing okay). Of course at the end of the month I’ll take over the route once again and do my morning chore throughout the winter. My thoughts are that next spring I will hang up my paper bag and someone else can look after it. Four years is just about enough… I’ll miss the morning walks, but I’m sure I can find time to take a leisurely stroll throughout the day …

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What A Great Choice

As we were fast approaching the May long weekend I more carefully monitored the weather forecasts.  I certainly wasn’t seeing a very nice weekend in store for all the campers for the long weekend.

When I was working, the majority dreaded the May long weekend as it is normally such a zoo act.  All that pent up energy from the winter months let loose on the first long weekend in a warmer time.  Usually it is just chaotic throughout the whole province.  Those fortunate enough to get the weekend off were overjoyed.  There were also a few that got to take some holidays over the weekend to miss the ‘fun’ action.

Since retiring I don’t really care one way or the other about the weekend.  Last year we headed to the lake and got the cabin set up on Saturday and then spent all day Sunday and Monday trying to thaw out the water pump and lines.  Great fun!

So this year when I was approached to see if I was available to work on the weekend at the Hardware I advised I was available.  So as the town was emptying out I was ‘hard’ at work on Friday.  It actually was quite quiet for a Friday.  Heck even the liquor end was quiet.

Saturday came and so did our wind and rain.  Once again it was a rather quiet day at work.  Saturday evening the wind really started to pick up and the rain increased.  It blew and rained all evening/night.  At times I even thought I saw white snow flakes but I may have just had my eyes playing tricks on me.

Today (Sunday) was just an ugly old day and I was just content to stay inside rather than venture out to fight the winds and rain.  I did end up hitting the BBQ this evening and cooked up some baked potatoes and some excellent rib eye steaks.  As I sit typing this the temperature is showing 7 C and with the wind-chill it is 3 C.  It is conceivable that it could freeze tonight although I certainly hope not.

But I most definitely feel I made the right choice about staying home rather than freezing my ass off at the cottage.  Hopefully we’ll get lots of real nice weekends this summer and we’ll get our chance to visit the north country.

Hopefully 🙂

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A Bit of Moisture

The forecasters were correct in that they advised we would be getting a bit of rain today.  Early this morning we had lightening and thunderstorms move through the area, but not a lot of rain.  As can be attested by the following picture, a shower was evident in the Blackstrap valley at 4:45 p.m. this date.  So far we haven’t got a lot of rain (nor are we supposed to get a lot today) in the Hanley area. 

Of course this is the May long weekend coming up and with it the weather turns sour like clockwork.  There is rain forecasted for both Saturday and Sunday throughout the province.  Hopefully it won’t diminish the campers from heading out and enjoying the parks in the province…



For those of you who want to view the camera on the Blackstrap valley directly, click on Blackstrap Valley Camera

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How True It Is?

I was sent the following picture and saying.  Thinking about it, you just have to wonder ‘what would a best friend do?’

Oh well, it is funny (to some) and not so to others.  Take it as you like…


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