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Nasty Morning

We knew it was coming and that it was only a matter of time before it arrived.  We got our first taste of the upcoming winter over night.  It drizzled all day yesterday and as the day moved on it got cooler.  On my way home last night at about 10 pm I could definitely feel the bite in the air.

I was not surprised when I went out this morning at 5:45 am to find a skiff of the white stuff.  The wind was/is quite strong coming out of the northwest.  This didn’t make for a very nice last 1/2 kilometer walk home as I had to walk right into the wind.  It is snowing albeit sort of a pellet type snow, but with the strong winds the face takes a kicking when you are walking directly into it.

The weatherman says we should have this off and on all day today.  But of course it will warm up a bit and take all of this away.  It is our wakeup call to what is to come for the next 5 months or so Sad smile


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Scary Thoughts

For the last week or so the sky around town has been full of geese. There is a field of peas just on the edge of town and the geese have found it and are delighted in filling up on the peas for their long jaunt south. Sometimes the air is just black (and white) with the geese trying to get the best landing spot checked out. Of course they are very vocal as well when they are trying to land and when they are landed and feeding.

The one strange thing I have found for the last couple of days is that when I’m heading out bright and early in the morning; I’m hearing chick-a-dees chirping away. Now what the heck are they doing this far south at this time of the year. Normally we don’t hear/see them until the middle of winter when it gets too stormy in the north. We haven’t even had a sniff of snow yet and in actuality the weather has been quite nice for the last couple weeks. No rain finally 🙂

I’m just hoping this is not a sign of what we are going to be in for this coming winter. Mind you the way our weather has been since last year, I certainly would not be surprised if we had a lot of snow and a long cold winter. Brrrrrrr

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What A Great Choice

As we were fast approaching the May long weekend I more carefully monitored the weather forecasts.  I certainly wasn’t seeing a very nice weekend in store for all the campers for the long weekend.

When I was working, the majority dreaded the May long weekend as it is normally such a zoo act.  All that pent up energy from the winter months let loose on the first long weekend in a warmer time.  Usually it is just chaotic throughout the whole province.  Those fortunate enough to get the weekend off were overjoyed.  There were also a few that got to take some holidays over the weekend to miss the ‘fun’ action.

Since retiring I don’t really care one way or the other about the weekend.  Last year we headed to the lake and got the cabin set up on Saturday and then spent all day Sunday and Monday trying to thaw out the water pump and lines.  Great fun!

So this year when I was approached to see if I was available to work on the weekend at the Hardware I advised I was available.  So as the town was emptying out I was ‘hard’ at work on Friday.  It actually was quite quiet for a Friday.  Heck even the liquor end was quiet.

Saturday came and so did our wind and rain.  Once again it was a rather quiet day at work.  Saturday evening the wind really started to pick up and the rain increased.  It blew and rained all evening/night.  At times I even thought I saw white snow flakes but I may have just had my eyes playing tricks on me.

Today (Sunday) was just an ugly old day and I was just content to stay inside rather than venture out to fight the winds and rain.  I did end up hitting the BBQ this evening and cooked up some baked potatoes and some excellent rib eye steaks.  As I sit typing this the temperature is showing 7 C and with the wind-chill it is 3 C.  It is conceivable that it could freeze tonight although I certainly hope not.

But I most definitely feel I made the right choice about staying home rather than freezing my ass off at the cottage.  Hopefully we’ll get lots of real nice weekends this summer and we’ll get our chance to visit the north country.

Hopefully 🙂

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A Bit of Moisture

The forecasters were correct in that they advised we would be getting a bit of rain today.  Early this morning we had lightening and thunderstorms move through the area, but not a lot of rain.  As can be attested by the following picture, a shower was evident in the Blackstrap valley at 4:45 p.m. this date.  So far we haven’t got a lot of rain (nor are we supposed to get a lot today) in the Hanley area. 

Of course this is the May long weekend coming up and with it the weather turns sour like clockwork.  There is rain forecasted for both Saturday and Sunday throughout the province.  Hopefully it won’t diminish the campers from heading out and enjoying the parks in the province…



For those of you who want to view the camera on the Blackstrap valley directly, click on Blackstrap Valley Camera

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It’s Getting Better Every Day

It’s not even the end of March yet and I saw and heard my first couple of robins this morning while out delivering the papers. They were just a singing away from the treetops. Mind you they may be singing to complain about the ground being too hard (ie frozen) yet to get any worms, but at least they are here.

After I saw the robins I took a good look around and holy smokes, the snow has almost disappeared. It is just unbelievable how fast the snow has melted. The other thing is that there is not that much water left around. That would gel with what I thought. We just didn’t get very much snow this past winter and what we had didn’t have a very high water content. I’ve already heard that sloughs that are normally overflowing at this time of year have hardly a trickle of water in them.

It could be a dry, dusty summer! But of course if we get some rain in the May/June timeframe it will change everything.

Not a darn thing you can do about it though, so you might as well just go with the flow 🙂

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Still Not Spring Yet!

We went from +16 C yesterday, March 17th to -3 C (-9 C with the windchill) today. Believe me the wind seems to just blow right through you. Of course half the population is already switching over to lighter coats/jackets, no gloves, etc so it seems even colder than it really is. At least with the higher winds, the snow cover is disappearing quite quickly.

This morning while I was delivering the papers the puddles were not totally frozen as I so eloquently found out. I had to cross the ditch at one customers house and I stepped on the ice only to sink in over my ankle. This was just about the furthest out on my route, so needless to say I had a wet and soggy cold walk home for the return trip. At least the roads are drying up a bit.

Soon we will be complaining about the dust blowing around 🙂

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Getting Close To Spring

For the last couple of days we finally have been getting a bit nicer weather. The sun is actually coming out and warming up everything. The snow is melting and the roads are getting muddy.

But today I got another first of the new spring year and that was while I was doing the papers this morning a lonely goose came flying over the town just a honking away. Now this isn’t too unusual as there are geese that stay around the province all winter, just normally not in our neck of the woods.

This goose that winging by this morning was heading north at a good clip. So maybe it knows something we don’t 🙂

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Autumn in August

I was just walking home from downtown and noticed the chill in the air (temp 18.6 C). I also noticed that quite a few trees in the Cenotaph park have their leaves starting to turn yellow.

In the last day or so, the majority of the purple martins have headed for warmer climes. Mind you the martins usually leave about the 12-15th of August, so that isn’t much new. Actually quite a few of the bird population appears to be on the decline and their absence is certainly noted. It sure is starting to look and feel a lot like fall outside.

But wait; it’s only August 14th. What the heck happened to summer? I think I can probably count on one hand the number of nice hot days we have had since June this year. The weather has been windy and cooler than normal this year. When we are fortunate enought to get a nice hot day, you only get one of them and then it is right back into the windy, cooler days again.

I was planning on going to the lake this weekend but then I heard the forecast (rain and cool temperatures) and figured we might as well stay home. Good thing too as Kevin called and wants me to work the lumberyard on Saturday and Monday as he needs to pick up a load of lumber up Glaslyn, SK way.

I might as well work as it certainly doesn’t appear to be a great weekend for any outdoors activities . . .

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‘Start of Something Good’

The weatherman has been saying we are going to have a great weekend with lots of sun and warmth. . .

I just returned from doing my morning papers and we definitely have lots of nice clear blue sky. Nary a cloud in sight. Mind you it is a wee bit on the cooler side with the temperature sitting at 5.6C when I started my walk.

Hopefully the skies will stay clear and some of the warmth of the sun can get down here and dry up some of the water that is still in puddles. Great haven for mosquitoes to grow 😦

At least the weatherman has it partly right so far. Hopefully they are correct for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

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