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Town of Hanley – FaceBook Page

The Town is in the process of creating a FaceBook page.  It is intended to enter pertinent information on the page for residents so they are more aware of what is happening in the Town that may affect the citizens.

The page can be viewed at: 

Town of Hanley Facebook

The page also contains ‘Discussions’ that citizens can participate in and let their views be known.  So take a look and if you feel it is worthwhile, click on ‘Like’ at the top of the page.

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Foggy Morning

The fog was hanging quite thick over the town as I did my morning papers.  Of course after yesterday’s 7 mm of rain, the roads are a bit mucky, but the new gravel that was put on some of the streets certainly helps.  Another benefit of the little rain we had is that it settles the dust down.  With no rain for the last 2-3 weeks everything was powder dry and the least movement caused the dust to fly.

However, I guess we shouldn’t complain as the local farmers did need some dry weather to try and get their crops off.  There are some that will just have to wait until freeze up as the grounds are too wet still to drive on.

What a year for weather Sad smile

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How True It Is?

I was sent the following picture and saying.  Thinking about it, you just have to wonder ‘what would a best friend do?’

Oh well, it is funny (to some) and not so to others.  Take it as you like…


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You Got To Wonder

Ever wonder why old Rammy always had such a scowl on his face all the time and was always in such a crappy mood…. Take a peak at this close encounter from his home life and you will know the truth of why . . .

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Is It A Rule?

I turned on the TV the other day and was presented with the weatherman from CTV Regina giving us the good news about the upcoming weekend. His name for those of you who don’t watch this channel is J.C. Garden and goes by just JC.

So once the weather was done I switched over to Global Saskatoon to watch a bit of the sports. The sports cast announcer is Kevin JESUS.

I continued to watch a bit of national news on Global and the story was sent to ‘the reporter in the field’, Ross LORD.

Okay, what the hell is it with all these people having these names on the TV news?

I was tempted to channel surf around the channels to see if I could find Mary MAGDALENE out there somewhere broadcasting away, but that would be just too much for my feeble brain to try and digest at one sitting.

I did come to the conclusion that it must ‘Be A Rule’ to have a funky name if you are on the TV news, weather or sports.

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You Think! A couple weeks ago I commented on the…

You Think!

A couple weeks ago I commented on the pervert that was fighting his conditions on viewing young gymnasts. The article Porn collector agrees to conditions shows this guy may have some sense after all.

He’s still a pervert, but at least he is smart enough to know that he was not going to elude the conditions of not attending gymnastic competitions.

With all the publicity he has garnered, I would think the last place he would want to show his face is at some gym contest with some young people competing. He might have found out about some home grown retribution that some of the moms and dads might have dreamt up.

Let’s hope that the courts also insist on this dude getting his name on the National Sex Offender’s registry. It would also be real justice if the the Judge actually sentenced him to a period of incaration so that he could get a bit of help with his problems rather than just letting him off lightly with a conditional sentence.

Time will tell.

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Typical Media Overstating a Story I was reading a…

Typical Media Overstating a Story

I was reading a link today about a ‘Peg man gets 16 months for stealing gas and thought wow are the courts getting tough on offenders.

Then I read the actual story and yup the guy got 16 months in the ‘crowbar Hilton’, but it wasn’t just for stealing gas. After you read the headline that the fellow from Winnipeg got sentenced to 16 months in jail for stealing gas the story states ‘oh yah, “he also had plead guilty to charges of possession of stolen property, theft and dangerous driving”. “He had also avoided one spike belt and stopped the vehicle prior to running over a second as he was trying to outrun the police member trying to apprehend him”.

The truth being known, about the time he took off from the RCMP member and the chase ensued, the least of his worries was the theft of a measly $34.00 of gas. The media seems to always try and grab your attention with a headline, even if the actual headline is quite a bit misleading. They are I would suppose technically correct in their headline, it is just that it is so misleading. I always view the various media’s headlines with a grain of salt as I know how skewered they can actually make a story at times.

However, I guess they did their job in that they got me to read their story even if the headline wasn’t totally correct. I do think they could have rewritten the actual headline to more accurately reflect the situation and people would still read it. Maybe not quite as many though as those that figure the courts are getting tough for the theft of a small amount such as $34.00. I guess that is the bottom line, more people read a headline, and the media outlet garners more dollars in revenue from ads, etc. Someday, maybe people will just ignore all the headlines though as the people find that most are a little bit skewered.

I wonder what the media is going to do then, tell the actual truth for once?

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Thanks To Ron and Others As I was reading the Sta…

Thanks To Ron and Others

As I was reading the Star Phoenix article about YourLink numbers up I got to thinking what this really means.

First off with the recent amalgamation of Sask Wheat Pool and Agricore, it means that the brothers-in-law Ron and James have a lot of work in their future for many years to come if they so wish. I also feel that YourLink was very fortunate in finding and hiring such a great person as the brother-in-law Ron. A lot of his expertise from years of working on towers has greatly assisted YourLink to get their numbers of subscribers up.

Now the only problem is that Ron was hoping to retire at some point in the future. That was one of the reasons that he sold YourLink all his tools, trailers, etc so he could shut down his own company. Ron is supposed to be the supervisor of the fellows working on the towers, but anyone who knows Ron knows he is also a very hands on type of person. Hopefully he will be able to gradually move over to the management side of the work and let the other guys do the actual grunt work.

Then maybe he is quite satisfied in what he is doing at present. In that case, at least it is his choice and as long as he enjoys the work, why retire or change. As long as he gets to enjoy what he is doing then good for him.

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Good Choice Earlier in the week we had made up ou…

Good Choice

Earlier in the week we had made up our minds that we wouldn’t be heading out to the lake this long weekend. The weather conditions just didn’t look to be promising in the long run. We felt there would be lots of other days we could travel north, so why freeze our butts off.

With the super nice weather yesterday, I was thinking that maybe we made the wrong decision. However, as I headed for the horizontal position around midnight I sure noted the coolness in the air. While I was searching the news on the net today I came across this article May Snow Takes Some By Surprise and knew that we had made the correct decision to stay home.

Who needs to play in 2-4 cm of snow and freeze your butt off when you can be home snug as a bug in their own bed 🙂

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You Have Got To Be Kidding As I was reading the S…

You Have Got To Be Kidding

As I was reading the Star Phoenix this morning, the story of a Man guilty of child porn possession fighting to still attend pre-teen gymnastics events caught my eye. Reading further into the story, I find this 40 year old man who has plead guilty to possession of child pornography wants to quote “is fighting in court for the freedom to continue attending gymnastics competitions for preteen girls” unquote.

Among his video collection located by police quote “were home movies the 40-year-old University of Saskatchewan employee made of himself masturbating in the back yard and his parents’ bedroom while dressed in a pink girl’s gymnastics uniform” unquote.

This man doesn’t see anything wrong with attending to gyms and as he stated to a psychologist quote “He claimed his collection of pictures and videos stems from a “fascination” with the physiological development of young girls, particularly their breasts, buttocks and pelvic region” unquote.

Pardon me, but if that was my daughter that this dude was watching, I most definitely would be ‘fascinated’ in rearranging this fellows anatomy. It is plain and simple wrong.

I can only hope our court system does not find some twisted way for this criminal to continue on with his fetish of watching pre-teen gymnastic girls (or anyone else) during their competitions. If this fellow does succeed in getting his conditions changed or revoked, I would think that any sane thinking parent would be withdrawing their daughters from all gym competitions immediately as a response.

This is just not right and if our courts allow this fellow to continue on, then we are in a heap of trouble as a society.

Disgusting !

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