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Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

For the long weekend we decided to head up to the lake to have a semi family get together. Sandra and I made it to the lake just prior to noon and got the area set up with water etc for the arrival of the rest of the crew. Rob and Elyssa next arrived about 9:15 pm followed closely by Pat & Ron and Bob and Belle in Pat and Ron’s 5th wheel. James and Johanna arrived late Saturday evening.

Throughout the weekend we did almost all of the cooking outside on the BBQs and ate all of our meals outside. We did get a bit of rain a couple times, however, it came down during the night or early in the morning so it really didn’t effect us at all. There certainly was more than enough food and everyone probably gained 5 pounds at least.

Originally the plan was for the crew all to leave on Monday after brunch (noonish) with Sandra and I staying at the lake until Tuesday. Rob and Elyssa had to depart Sunday evening due to work commitments on Monday. However, when everyone was pulling out at 12:30 pm, it just was so quiet that Sam and I figured we’d pack up and head south ourselves. We had to be in Saskatoon on Tuesday for a medical test, so we felt it would be nice to get home on Monday and then head back to the city for the test. So within 2 hours, the truck was loaded and we headed for home departing at 2:30 pm.

We ran into some very heavy rain on the way home, however, even though I was pulling Ron’s boat, we were still able to make fairly good time and pulled into town about 5 pm.

We did manage to get the 8 of us to stand still long enough to take a group photo.

The weather wasn’t too warm/cool and we did have a bit of wind at times, but for the most part, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a very enjoyable long weekend at a super location.


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A Picture to Remember the Past

I uploaded the bad pictures about the cabin, but then I figured I should also upload a few of the better sides of the place. The cabin holds so many memories to so many people….

Then the final shot is of the entrance to the two places. To those that haven’t been up in the area for awhile, you can see that the trees definitely have grown up since 1990 or so…

It still is one of my favourite places in the province . . .

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What A Shame

We managed to spend 5 days up at Christopher Lake over the July 1st long weekend. Seeing as we were at the lake, we just had to have one good dumping of rain. This occurred on Friday night, June 29th and did it ever rain. But as normally happens at the lake, within a day you didn’t know it had rained.

Of course there are pools of water laying in the bush which we all know are great breeding grounds for mosquitoes. There certainly were lots of the little blood suckers around, but after I got a smudge going in the chiminea they left me alone for the most part.

One interesting thing that occurred was when we first drove into the property I noticed a power line was down between my place and the neighbours (former Mayers cabin). I of course stopped the truck and got out to take a peak. I ascertained that it was the phone line and not power, so I moved the line out of the way and continued into our spot and got the truck/trailer unloaded. As the neighbours seldom show up at their cabin, I wasn’t in any hurry to report the downed line and besides I was aware the neighbours did not have their phone hooked up. Once I did get my place straightened away I did call into SaskTel and reported the downed line and I would imagine eventually they’ll send out a crew to fix it up.

It was interesting though on Friday afternoon when a Sask Power truck showed up. I thought someone may have gotten their wires crossed but on speaking to the fellow he advised he was there to disconnect the power to the neighbours cabin. It was then that I noticed that the neighbours sign with their names on it was taken down. Hummmm. But then I got busy doing something else and didn’t think anything more about it. Oh yah, the Sask Power guy didn’t disconnect their power as he saw that they were using electricity and he didn’t want to shut down their freezer. So he just left.

Then on Saturday an truck pulled up and the fellow asked if the cabin was the Hesje’s cabin. When I advised him that it was, three fellows got out and started looking around. I of course asked what was happening and they proceeded to explain that the owner wanted them to fix up the foundation of the cabin. I then walked around the neighbour’s cabin with the workers and saw what they meant.

For any of you who had occasion to visit the Mayers cabin in the past, you know that it was a yearly task to level the cabin and ensure that it didn’t slip further back into the swamp. That meant jacking it up and shimming the beams etc. Well the new owners didn’t figure he needed to do any levelling and the end result are shown in the following pictures:

On further talking to the workers, they advised that the plumbing underneath the cabin is all torn up and broken as well. That makes sense as it was plastic and it doesn’t give much at all. The cabin has probably fallen backwards close to 2 feet in the last year alone. While we were talking the Sask Power fellow came back and commenced to disconnect the power to the cabin. It was either that or the line was going to be pulled down from the weight of the cabin slipping further backwards.

Just remembering all the good times that occurred at the cabin makes you want to shake your head at the waste that it has become. But there is nothing we the family can do about that now. It was sold (or should I say given away) and that is that.

Still it is a shame 😦

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