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Lots of Snow

It has been a long winter and like everyone Craig & James getting winter blues. Nice trip to the lake to see how the reported heavy snow was doing at the cabin.


Here is a similar picture taken of the lake in December 2009. You can sure see the different amount of snow..


Quite a bit on the roof, but James had to look at the BBQ to make sure. Of course a wobble pop to help him navigate 🙂 Don’t think I would be able to cook up a steak on those BBQ today without a whole lot of shoveling.


Wow is there a lot of snow at the lake this year. This is probably the most I have seen up there for many, many years. I think the last time I saw this much snow would be back in the early 80’s when Craig, I and Wally took a trip up to the cabin to ensure the snow wasn’t too heavy for the roof of the cabin.




Seeing how I couldn’t make the trip to the lake and use the BBQ I did the next best thing. Thawed out a beautiful rib eye steak from Costco and fired up the BBQ at home for supper tonight. Maybe not quite the ambiance, but I also didn’t have to expend a huge amount of energy shoveling snow to get at the cue either 🙂


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Canada Day 2012

The weather finally decided to smarten up and we had a tremendously nice weekend up at the lake. Just the two of us this weekend as the other party came down with a ‘sick day’ and was unable to make the trip. We did enjoy ourselves and I was quite happy that I was able to get a few things done that needed doing around the camp.

The beauty (and best part for me) was just sitting outside enjoying the scenery . . . Smelling the pine smoke and enjoying the quietness (for the most part) of the forest country.

I was also able to switch out a few parts in the washroom with the end result being that the bath and the toilet are up and running once again. Mind you, the bath is only cold water, but for the sissy people, you can heat up a bit of warm water on the stove 🙂 I did run the cold into the tub and yah it is a bit chilly, but definitely not as cold as the lake.

We also tried out the bedroom that we have been using for the last couple years on the first night, then on the second night we moved over to the ‘master suite’. Way nicer bed and I enjoyed the sleep. The other party wasn’t quite as convinced as I as it was a bit harder for her to sneak out of bed early in the morning. But we both enjoyed the extra room that James and Craig and I had created on our middle of June trip. It does wonders for the bedroom. So now we have to decide and claim which is going to be ‘our room’!!

My only complaint for the weekend was the number of sirens you could hear. Wholly smokes, you would swear we were in the city with the amount of fire trucks, police vehicles and ambulances tearing by on the highway at all hours. But then looking at the population that swells Emma Lake and the other beaches and lakes in the area it is no wonder. The road is quite narrow and curvey so it is nice that the emergency vehicles are annoucing themselves to curtail a serious accident. Of course being that it was a provincial holiday, there were lots of people out and about who probably partook a few too many wobbly pops!

All in all, great weekend and looking forward to lots more this summer . . .

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It Is True

A lot of friends and neighbours have been telling me that we should head to the lake more often. So after work on Saturday, we did exactly that. Weather was perfect with no rain in the forecast what so ever.

I did have one small chore to do while at the lake and that was to replace the main door. Surprising enough myself and my bro-in-law got it changed with no major hiccups.

Other than that, just lots of sitting by the fire swapping tales and just enjoying the scenery…

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A Little Strange

For the first time in over two years I actually had a morning off on Wednesday. I found a young fellow who wants to deliver the papers, however, he doesn’t want to do it when school starts. I figured what the heck, let him do it for August and give my old legs a few days rest. I took Stefan out last Friday and Saturday and let him go solo on Wednesday. Of course I got up to make sure he actually got up to deliver the papers, which he did.

I had spoken to his parents and they were behind Stefan all the way so I figured I’d have no problem at home. His dad leaves for work around 6:00 a.m. normally, so I figured he would make sure that Stefan was up and at em. So far, so good.

Seeing as Stefan is going to handle the papers, I figured I might as well head to the lake this weekend and try to get the roof sealed a bit more. Craig, Sam and I were making the plans and wouldn’t you know it, the Hardware called at 5:00 p.m. and wondered if I was available this weekend. I hated to say it, but I did advise them that I was planning on the lake this weekend to finish up the roof. I know how much Vickie and Kevin enjoy a weekend off and I wish I could have helped them out this weekend, but I also don’t want to have my hard work from last week go to vain. Craig and I ripped up the whole floor at the lake and installed 11 sheets of 4 X 8 plywood last weekend. We need to cover it with some flooring, but first we need to ensure no water is getting thru the roof, hence the trip this weekend to seal the roof.

However, back to my morning walks . . . This morning I did in fact have to make the 3 mile walk as I needed to deliver the flyers this morning. This wasn’t part of my deal with Stefan, so I handled it. I also need to deliver the Sun’s on Monday as that wasn’t part of my deal with Stefan. Still with him delivering the papers I can at least snooze a bit longer (once I’m sure he is doing okay). Of course at the end of the month I’ll take over the route once again and do my morning chore throughout the winter. My thoughts are that next spring I will hang up my paper bag and someone else can look after it. Four years is just about enough… I’ll miss the morning walks, but I’m sure I can find time to take a leisurely stroll throughout the day …

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What A Great Choice

As we were fast approaching the May long weekend I more carefully monitored the weather forecasts.  I certainly wasn’t seeing a very nice weekend in store for all the campers for the long weekend.

When I was working, the majority dreaded the May long weekend as it is normally such a zoo act.  All that pent up energy from the winter months let loose on the first long weekend in a warmer time.  Usually it is just chaotic throughout the whole province.  Those fortunate enough to get the weekend off were overjoyed.  There were also a few that got to take some holidays over the weekend to miss the ‘fun’ action.

Since retiring I don’t really care one way or the other about the weekend.  Last year we headed to the lake and got the cabin set up on Saturday and then spent all day Sunday and Monday trying to thaw out the water pump and lines.  Great fun!

So this year when I was approached to see if I was available to work on the weekend at the Hardware I advised I was available.  So as the town was emptying out I was ‘hard’ at work on Friday.  It actually was quite quiet for a Friday.  Heck even the liquor end was quiet.

Saturday came and so did our wind and rain.  Once again it was a rather quiet day at work.  Saturday evening the wind really started to pick up and the rain increased.  It blew and rained all evening/night.  At times I even thought I saw white snow flakes but I may have just had my eyes playing tricks on me.

Today (Sunday) was just an ugly old day and I was just content to stay inside rather than venture out to fight the winds and rain.  I did end up hitting the BBQ this evening and cooked up some baked potatoes and some excellent rib eye steaks.  As I sit typing this the temperature is showing 7 C and with the wind-chill it is 3 C.  It is conceivable that it could freeze tonight although I certainly hope not.

But I most definitely feel I made the right choice about staying home rather than freezing my ass off at the cottage.  Hopefully we’ll get lots of real nice weekends this summer and we’ll get our chance to visit the north country.

Hopefully 🙂

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Nice And Peaceful

Thanks to James I had a peak at the cabin and how it is doing so far this winter. It certainly looks as if there is quite a bit more snow up in the Lakeland area than we have down this way. . .

I don’t see any tracks leading up to the door so I would say that James didn’t spend the night. A little chilly at this time of the year even for him 🙂

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Gorgeous Lake (and Harvest) Weather

We finally made the decision to ‘make a break’ for the lake last week. Even though I was offered weekend work at the Hardware, I decided to head north instead. I finished up my cleaning routines on Friday night and then only had the paper delivery for Saturday morning. Once the papers were delivered we hit the road.

The traffic was minimal so early in the morning as most of the major traffic travelling on Friday evening. We made great time and arrived at the cabin around 10:15 a.m. The weather got warmer the more we drove. The sun was out and the wind was down. Craig arrived about an hour and a half after us.

Craig and I got to work and put the chain saw to work and got some dead falls cut up for firewood. We then got a smoke going and sat around the fire and chatted the afternoon away. For supper we fired up the BBQ and had a steak, potato and trimmings. It was an early to bed evening as we both had been up bright and early.

Sunday was about the same, except I let Craig do the work and I just got to sit and supervise. The weather was just great and we wished we could stay, but of course I had papers bright and early Monday morning. We departed at 5:10 p.m. arriving home at 7:30 p.m.

It was just a nice little get away for a only a short time, but it was worthwhile. I’m not sure whether we’ll get another chance this coming fall or not. It would be nice. I’m hoping I don’t have to make a quick one day trip to draining the water and close up for the winter. With the long weekend coming up, maybe we’ll get another chance to head north. The weather is supposed to be staying nice and warm.

We’ll see…

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Autumn in August

I was just walking home from downtown and noticed the chill in the air (temp 18.6 C). I also noticed that quite a few trees in the Cenotaph park have their leaves starting to turn yellow.

In the last day or so, the majority of the purple martins have headed for warmer climes. Mind you the martins usually leave about the 12-15th of August, so that isn’t much new. Actually quite a few of the bird population appears to be on the decline and their absence is certainly noted. It sure is starting to look and feel a lot like fall outside.

But wait; it’s only August 14th. What the heck happened to summer? I think I can probably count on one hand the number of nice hot days we have had since June this year. The weather has been windy and cooler than normal this year. When we are fortunate enought to get a nice hot day, you only get one of them and then it is right back into the windy, cooler days again.

I was planning on going to the lake this weekend but then I heard the forecast (rain and cool temperatures) and figured we might as well stay home. Good thing too as Kevin called and wants me to work the lumberyard on Saturday and Monday as he needs to pick up a load of lumber up Glaslyn, SK way.

I might as well work as it certainly doesn’t appear to be a great weekend for any outdoors activities . . .

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Now We’ll Get Nice Weather

On Wednesday Craig and I travelled north to the cabin with the intent on closing it up for the winter. James was up on the weekend and had most everything stowed away, however, I still needed to blow out the water lines and a few other things.

The plan was to head north right after I finished my papers, pick up Craig at 9 and then ‘truck on’ north. I got my papers done and headed out and arrived at Craig’s at about 8:45 a.m. (a bit early, but about normal for me). I parked and waited, and waited, and waited. I was getting a bit antsy, but about 9:10 a.m. Craig did stroll out. Like normal he had slept in a bit. No real problem as we had the whole day to ‘do our thing’.

One quick stop at Canadian Tire to pick up mouse bait and moth balls and we were heading north. As we travelled the day got nicer and nicer with the temperature getting into the ‘nice level’.

We had a quick stop in PA for a ‘Tim’s’ break and then continued on. When we stepped out of the car at the lake the weather was just gorgeous. Just one of those days you could sit around outside and just do nothing. No bugs to worry about, no wind and lots of sun. But of course we had a few things to do.

Within a couple hours we had it all done and were ready to head back south. I remarked to Craig that with the weather at present we could just stay and just have a nice day. But then we figured we’d better not as someone would get crabby, so we packed up the car and started for home.

The traffic was about normal with no weekend idiots out on the byways, so we were able to travel along with no stress. Once we got to Toon Town we decided we should have some lunch/dinner. I suggested Gibson’s and Craig agreed. We arrived a the restaurant at about 3:45 pm so it certainly wasn’t busy. A nice cold Coors and some great ‘fish and chips’ and lunch was done.

I then dropped Craig off and headed southbound for home. A bit tired from being up so early for the papers, but at least we had everything done at the lake and the joint should be tucked in for the upcoming winter months.

Seeing how the ‘cabin’ is all closed up now, I’m sure we’ll get some great fall weather. It never fails. Case in point, Sandra and I went golfing this afternoon (I golfed, Sandra spotted). The temperature was about 24 – 25 C and just a great round (weather wise). It was a bit windy, but nothing too bad. I won’t comment on the golf as it wasn’t one of my best rounds. I haven’t been out for a while so I was a little rusty. Still all in all it was great to be able to get out and walk around the course.

I sure am hoping that there is plenty of nice weather left so I can get lots more golfing in this year. After all, it is a long winter and so I’ll get rusty as all get out. But then in a month or so the curling starts, so I’ll be happy once again.

I’ll take golf and the outdoors over curling any day, but they both are great past times. . . Also I then get a bit of the exercise that I everyone needs.

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Lots of Driving Lately

For the last week and a half I have been putting on more than normal amount of kilometers on the truck. This all started when Sam’s warfarin levels decided to go wacky so we have had to make a trip into the city every couple days to get her levels checked.

Finally today we got word that the levels seem to be settled back down and we can go back to our previous routine of getting her checked once a month. I do believe the problem was some older meds (ie warfarin). When the doc was on holiday her replacement decided to drop the daily rate from 3 mg to 2.5 mg. Now it is darn difficult to cut up a 3 mg tab so I used a 1 mg tab and cut in half a 4 mg tab. After looking at the bottle closer, it could be that the 4 mg tabs were a bit old so they may not have had their full potency.

Then on the long weekend we decided to travel to Christopher and close up shop for another year. We have had a few nights where the temperatures have dropped fairly close to zero, so we decided it would be best if we drained the water lines etc at the cabin. It is a lot easier to drain the lines than trying to fix burst ones. As it had been a bit cool of late, we didn’t know what we would face when we got up north so we weren’t sure if we were going for the weekend or just a day or what.

Last Sunday we headed out in early in the morning and followed Craig back into the city. Sandra and I then continued on north. As we got closer to Christopher you could see where there had been a fair amount of rain of late. On arrival at the cabin the ground was still moist but of course this is forest country so it wasn’t muddy or anything like that. When I opened up the door to the cabin I sure could feel the cool air rushing out. I then opened up the windows and within an hour or so it was fairly nice inside for Sam. I commenced to take down the lights, and started stowing away everything for the winter hibernation.

At noon I took a break and cooked us up some dinner. As we were sitting down eating, we were looking out the window and it sure was nice and peaceful. No wind at all and of course the leaves starting to change colour and fall to the ground. We were tempted to stay the night, but after a bit we decided that we should probably just close up shop and head south again.

After we washed up the dishes and got the fridge cleaned out, I headed outside and started on the water lines. Of course I had to empty the storage tank of water which I did with the pump. While the water was pouring out I was shaking my head on the wasted effort I had done to get the tank filled earlier in the summer. A lot of useless extra effort, but if I hadn’t filled the tank we would have run short. So better to be prepared than having to play catch up.

Once the tank was empty I got the pump disconnected and serviced and commenced to blow out the lines. After that it was just a matter of cleaning up and loading the truck and we were heading southwards once again. We did have one stop in the city on our way through as I had to pick up a hard drive for a computer I was working on. I made it to Office Depot with about 5 minutes to spare before their closing, picked up the drive and we headed for the home stretch. We pulled into the garage just prior to 6 pm. Both of us had sore butts from so much sitting, but at least we had the comfort to know the cabin was ready to face another Saskatchewan winter.

Next came more driving to the city as I had to go visit a physiotherapist for my shoulder that has been bothering me of late. I had the shoulder xrayed during my annual medical and there was no sign of arthritis, so the doc wanted to see what a therapist could do for it. So into the city again we went and the therapist pulled and pushed the shoulder until it really hurt. He gave me some exercises to do for the next while and told me to come back next Tuesday and Thursday for followups. So that means two more trips to the city next week.

On our initial trip to the therapist I also took in the computer I was working on. Once I was done with my pain class I headed over and setup the computer for the customer. I had to do an install on the printer, and a final virus scan, and then I was done. This trip only took about 45 minutes or so and then we headed for home once again.

I think all told in the last week and half I put on about 2,000 kms or so. Hopefully that is not going to be my future mileage counts. Let alone getting ‘TB’ out of the sitting, the cost of gas is certainly not going down any.

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