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A Little Storm !!

All day Tuesday we were hounded on the radio and tv about tornadoes and crappy weather coming our way. Everywhere we went you kept an eye on the sky as you just didn’t know when it was going to strike.

We were just finishing up supper and the power went out and boom! it started to rain. I went and checked out the front window and was presented with a downpour.

Within a minute or so, the downpour turned into a hurricane (not really, but it seemed like it!).

Then it really started to come down !!!

I knew that it just could not keep up this pace and it didn’t. It started to slow down to just a normal summer rain. The wind came up though and when I quickly took a look in the backyard I knew we were in for ‘a storm’. The flag pole was already bent and the wind was getting stronger.

As the wind and rain started to subside I took another peek out the back and was so thankful that James ‘pride and joy’ was spared. Not by much mind you, but nary a scratch on the beauty.

I moved back to the front of the house and was presented with a big mess on the street . . .

At least the rain had almost stopped, so I grabbed my jacket and headed out to see how the rest of ‘main street’ faired. A quick glance showed that all was not well down the street. I stopped at the bank and took a shot towards the west. That is the bank fence across the sidewalk . . .

Oh great, here is the bank’s garden shed that used to sit in behind the fence. There’s the propane tank that normally resides on the propane bbq which just happens to be sitting in the interestion in a couple pieces. . .

As I slowly started forward I tentatively looked in the bank’s back yard. Yikes!

Now this really didn’t look good at all. This is the Elks’ Seniors building. The steel roof was lived right off and blown about a block away…

Within short order there were people at the Seniors putting up tarps on the roof, other people putting plastic sheets around cars/trucks that had their windows smashed out (6-7 vehicles). I continued my short walk and came across the house just down the street from me. This is looking at the front of the house…

My that tree had small roots for such a big tree!

This is the look from the side of the house . . .

There was more damage throughout the town. Trees down in almost every yard. Some actually fell on roofs. Lots of shingles blown off homes. A 65-70 foot mobile home was moved off it’s foundation, but it stayed upright but of course there will be damage to gas lines and whatnot underneath. I hear out in the country a few farms also got hit fairly hard with predominately wind damage.

But in it all, no one got hurt and that is the best news ever. All in all our power was out for the better part of 12 hours or so. It was out most of the night and then came back on only to crash and go out again in the morning. Even as I started to type this the power went out once, but from the looks of things SaskPower has done a tremendous job getting the Town back up and running.

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Housing Activity Continues

For some, renovations are the answer. For others, buying a new house….

For others, building a new home . . .

For others, selling land for development . . .

Whatever is your method, we are having growth in our Town and that is a great thing 🙂

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Finally Some Activity

This older house in town has dearly needed some TLC for the last couple years. The previous owner just didn’t have the time nor the desire to actually do any renovations. A new owner as of June 1st and already there are signs of greater things to come.

I sure like the activity as it sits on main street and was getting to be a bit of an eyesore. Hopefully the new owners will continue to upgrade…

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A Bit of Moisture

The forecasters were correct in that they advised we would be getting a bit of rain today.  Early this morning we had lightening and thunderstorms move through the area, but not a lot of rain.  As can be attested by the following picture, a shower was evident in the Blackstrap valley at 4:45 p.m. this date.  So far we haven’t got a lot of rain (nor are we supposed to get a lot today) in the Hanley area. 

Of course this is the May long weekend coming up and with it the weather turns sour like clockwork.  There is rain forecasted for both Saturday and Sunday throughout the province.  Hopefully it won’t diminish the campers from heading out and enjoying the parks in the province…



For those of you who want to view the camera on the Blackstrap valley directly, click on Blackstrap Valley Camera

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Staying Busy

I have been quite busy lately with all the goings on with the Town and their website, the Seniors computers and the ‘This & That’ blog.  Of course I have also had a huge amount of computers coming in with the newest ‘problem’, the Antivirus Windows 7 (Vista)(XP) programs.

It is not enough that I get calls asking for help, but the other day I was walking down the street at about 9 p.m. (it is quiet out at that time of day in town).  I hear this yell that sort of sounded like my name, but not really.  It actually sounded like ‘DARRELL’ to me, so I continued to walk home.  Then I heard yelling again and turned around and saw a woman waving her arms at me and yelling for me to stop. 

The short story was they had some computer problem that just cropped up and wanted me to come and fix it.  I agreed and complied and got the computer all fixed.

Today I was filling up my gas can at the local gas station and this guy pulls in beside me and just sat there.  Didn’t say anything while I pumped the gas (the attendants were busy inside).  Finally I was done and just at that time an attendant came out.  The guy advised he didn’t need gas, but wanted to talk to me.  His computer needed some fixing as it was acting up.  Needless to say I advised him I’d be home in about 10 minutes and he could drop off his computer and I’d look at it.  At present I’m working on it . . .

I don’t mind at all.  If I didn’t want to work on them I could always advise the person that I was just too busy.  It is always nice to help out and get the individuals computer back up and running as the owner wants.

My only beef right now is our weather in that it has been darn wet the last while.  It sure makes for a muddy walk in the morning and of course extra work in the Hall and the Bank with the muddy floors.  The forecast says it is supposed to warm up by the end of the week so I have my fingers crossed.

Of course you can’t do a damn thing about the weather so you might as well as ‘just go with the flow’ and move onto something else until you get the type of weather you like…

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It’s Getting Better Every Day

It’s not even the end of March yet and I saw and heard my first couple of robins this morning while out delivering the papers. They were just a singing away from the treetops. Mind you they may be singing to complain about the ground being too hard (ie frozen) yet to get any worms, but at least they are here.

After I saw the robins I took a good look around and holy smokes, the snow has almost disappeared. It is just unbelievable how fast the snow has melted. The other thing is that there is not that much water left around. That would gel with what I thought. We just didn’t get very much snow this past winter and what we had didn’t have a very high water content. I’ve already heard that sloughs that are normally overflowing at this time of year have hardly a trickle of water in them.

It could be a dry, dusty summer! But of course if we get some rain in the May/June timeframe it will change everything.

Not a darn thing you can do about it though, so you might as well just go with the flow 🙂

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Still Not Spring Yet!

We went from +16 C yesterday, March 17th to -3 C (-9 C with the windchill) today. Believe me the wind seems to just blow right through you. Of course half the population is already switching over to lighter coats/jackets, no gloves, etc so it seems even colder than it really is. At least with the higher winds, the snow cover is disappearing quite quickly.

This morning while I was delivering the papers the puddles were not totally frozen as I so eloquently found out. I had to cross the ditch at one customers house and I stepped on the ice only to sink in over my ankle. This was just about the furthest out on my route, so needless to say I had a wet and soggy cold walk home for the return trip. At least the roads are drying up a bit.

Soon we will be complaining about the dust blowing around 🙂

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Autumn in August

I was just walking home from downtown and noticed the chill in the air (temp 18.6 C). I also noticed that quite a few trees in the Cenotaph park have their leaves starting to turn yellow.

In the last day or so, the majority of the purple martins have headed for warmer climes. Mind you the martins usually leave about the 12-15th of August, so that isn’t much new. Actually quite a few of the bird population appears to be on the decline and their absence is certainly noted. It sure is starting to look and feel a lot like fall outside.

But wait; it’s only August 14th. What the heck happened to summer? I think I can probably count on one hand the number of nice hot days we have had since June this year. The weather has been windy and cooler than normal this year. When we are fortunate enought to get a nice hot day, you only get one of them and then it is right back into the windy, cooler days again.

I was planning on going to the lake this weekend but then I heard the forecast (rain and cool temperatures) and figured we might as well stay home. Good thing too as Kevin called and wants me to work the lumberyard on Saturday and Monday as he needs to pick up a load of lumber up Glaslyn, SK way.

I might as well work as it certainly doesn’t appear to be a great weekend for any outdoors activities . . .

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‘Start of Something Good’

The weatherman has been saying we are going to have a great weekend with lots of sun and warmth. . .

I just returned from doing my morning papers and we definitely have lots of nice clear blue sky. Nary a cloud in sight. Mind you it is a wee bit on the cooler side with the temperature sitting at 5.6C when I started my walk.

Hopefully the skies will stay clear and some of the warmth of the sun can get down here and dry up some of the water that is still in puddles. Great haven for mosquitoes to grow 😦

At least the weatherman has it partly right so far. Hopefully they are correct for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

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A Saga Ends

Thank goodness the Town decided to end their dealings with the man who said he would bring prosperity to ‘small town Saskatchewan’ before they got in too deep. The fellow was not charged over anything he did Hanley, but it would appear he carried his aspirations a little too far on the national stage.

Gordon Carl Summers – Prison Sentence

The thought of Vigor BioPharma Inc and curing cancer is certainly a great thought, however, it appears their ‘frontman’ was overstepping a bit.

He’ll now have a few years to reflect on his course in life.

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