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H1N1 Shots

Like a lot of people, I was betwicked and between whether we should get the H1N1 shot when it was available to us. Yesterday I had printed out and filled out a couple of consent forms and took them along when we went to the city today just in case. We did have some spare time so I drove to Prairieland Park and noticed there were not that many vehicles in the parking lot, so in we went.

With our forms all filled out, we scooted right through the initial line. Then you get to sit and watch about a 6 minute video on the H1N1 flu shot. From there you then got in line to await your turn to get your actual needle. This line took us about 45 minutes before we actually got to sit down and get our shots.

When we finally did get to the table to get our shot, the forms were scrutinized once again for correctness before we were given the shot. The young lady also wanted to ensure we didn’t have the flu, or were sick in any way.

It was a bit funny in one aspect. On the ‘Consent Form’ you are asked “Are you/your daughter pregnant?”. I of course checked off “NO” I am not pregnant. I also advised the young lady that I had no idea if my daughter was pregnant or not. It really isn’t any of my business. But I did assure her that I was not pregnant in any way, shape or form.

With that all settled, the nurse gave us our shot and filled out our card. She then advised us that we both got the ‘unadjuvanted’ H1N1 flu shot. And here I thought that was the shot that was to be given to pregnant ladies. So maybe it wasn’t all settled at all ?

We then got to sit and watch another video on the H1N1. You are supposed to sit and wait 15 minutes to ensure you don’t get any side affects from the shot. From what I noticed, many people didn’t wait 2 minutes and out they went. You can only hope they don’t get a reaction once they have departed the building. We did in fact sit and watch the video and chat a bit and waited our 15 minutes before we departed.

All told it took just over an hour for us to get our shots. From some of the horror stories I have seen on TV lately, Saskatoon Health Region had planned very well for giving the shots. There were lot’s of guides to show you where to go and what to do and all we came in contact with were very pleasant. Hats off to all the people involved.

Now if I can just get this pregant thing straightened out 🙂 . . .

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