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Yucky Weather

We managed to miss most of the crappy weather that hit the province this weekend until this evening. Around 6 pm it started to rain, then it turned to freezing rain and then it turned to snow. The temperature dropped from 10 C at 3 pm to -5 at about 6 pm. All and all it is just a crappy situation outside, but it is certainly better than what they have been getting to the north of us up in the North Battleford area. It is winter up in that country once again.

One nice thing was that Craig came out for his days off. The plan was to have Julia come visit for the next few days, however, Julia is a bit under the weather so Nicole felt it was better if she stayed in Regina this time. Craig still came though. James had purchased a nice roast from Tim down in Davidson, so he brought it over and I cooked it up and we had a nice roast supper after watching a bit of Stanley Cup playoff hockey.

Hey the weather is crappy, but hockey is meant for the winter so it fit right in…


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They Still Taste Great !

It isn’t very often I get to snack on a donut now that we live out in the sticks. Today we had visitors and they brought a box of Tim Horton’s finest to snack on while we had a coffee.

When we lived in Regina, I used to get the donuts quite often at work. Some visitor would bring in either some Robin’s or Tim Horton’s usually on a daily basis. Heck, after a while you do get a bit tired of eating them, but then you’d go on days off. The next week when you were back on shift a new batch would make it’s way to the consoles to munch away on.

After we moved here, we didn’t have the luxury of visitors bringing along treats. Sure we stopped a few times when we were in the city and brought some home. The only problem was then we had to eat the whole box and normally they got stale before we got through eating them. For me, one or maybe two in a row is about all I can eat. The sugar and what not gets to be a bit much. After awhile we just didn’t bother stopping any longer.

So today when the visitors popped in with the distinctive box I immediately put the coffee pot on and got the table ready. I sure was not disappointed as the TH’s tasted just great with a ‘cup of mud’. As we all munched away on our donuts, we got up to date with the recent happenings as well.

A nice visit was had and now we are ‘good to go’ with the Tim Horton’s for the next while. Of course we would never turn down a nice fresh donut if anyone ever wants to bring some by. I can always find room for ‘one more’ of life’s little pleasures 🙂

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Hard To Get Motivated

It has been awhile since I last actually sat down and played with the keys. There have been a few things going on in my small world that have caused me a bit of grief of late. Nothing major, just a few disagreements with the way others feel our life should be lived to what we feel our life should be. Hey, it’s our life, we should be able to live it how we want to so ‘take a hike’!

Of course I always find the month of February to be a dull month. I’ve had enough of winter by now and we were not lucky enough to take a holiday to the sunny south or anything like that. I just want it to get over with so we can get onto March and hopefully the start of some warmer weather and the start of some new ‘green’ surroundings. As I sit typing on Feb 29th the weather is not really that bad. The temperature is -2.2 C according to my weather station. However, I just returned from walking down town to check the mail and let me tell you the wind makes the temperature feel a lot cooler than it is.

Even this morning when I did the papers it was only -14.5 C but it just felt cooler. There was very little wind, but it seems the humidity is high which makes the air feel cooler as far as I’m concerned. This morning my papers were delivered late, so I was doing the route in double time to try to make up some time. Maybe that is why it felt cooler on my face than the temperature indicated it should be 🙂

Another reason to look forward to the end of February is that the T4 slips must be out by March 1st. That means that I can get my income tax sent away. I was looking forward to viewing the tax programs this year due to the new pension splitting capability that is new for 2007. This does seem to help Sam and I as the way it looks now we should be getting a refund a little larger than normal.

With the refund on the horizon, we felt we could splurge and buy ourselves a new 50″ Samsung HD plasma TV. While we were at it, we went whole hog and got a 1200 watt Samsung home theatre system to go with the new new TV. Definitely a larger picture than the old 27″ we had. It did take a few days to get used to the larger size, but now I/we really like it. I guess our next project will be to upgrade our satellite dish and PVR to HD but I thought I’d leave that until the weather was a bit warmer. It will be so much easier when the temps are warmer to run new wiring and install the new dish.

I’m still curling every Monday and doing a little better than I was last year. This year I moved up to play 3rd which was a bit more than I wanted to do but so far it seems to be okay. I’ve learned quite a bit. Thankfully the players that are skips are really good at explaining the ‘why fors’ and the ‘how comes’ to a new person. I have actually won a few games this year which is a lot better than last year at about this time. I think we only have about 3 more weeks to go and the curling will be done for another year. In one way that makes it sad as you just know fewer people will be out next year. The good thing is that this normally means the weather is getting too warm for the ice, so that means the snow should be melting soon outdoors. 🙂

Otherwise, it is just same old same old. Just taking life easy and looking forward to the spring/summer to be able to spend a lot more time outdoors in the flower bed or with the bbq. Don’t even get me started about going north to the lake country. That’s too early to even think about!

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With the weather we have been having for the last week or so being actually crappy in that it is so dull and grey all the time, it was so nice to receive a phone call this morning from Fred. Fred and mom decided they would be coming out to see us today as they needed to buy some bottled water at our local hardware store. Of course when mom comes to town she always wants to visit the local grocery store to see what is on sale this week.

Shortly after dinner I saw the blue bomb streaming by heading downtown. About 15-20 minutes later mom and Fred arrived. It was coffee time.

As we were sitting chatting away this van pulled up and parked in the front of the house. The van looked familiar yet I couldn’t place who’s it was. There was a woman reaching in the side door doing something. A few minutes later I saw what she was doing. She was putting a coat on a young child. The woman and child started walking up to our door and then I knew who it was.

Shar-Lee and her daughter were coming to visit. The family was on their way to Saskatoon from Weyburn and it was a washroom break for the young daughter. Shar-Lee’s daughter headed for the washroom and Shar-Lee, Sandra, mom, Fred and I had a quick 3 minute visit after a quick introduction. Then they were off to the big city with all the lights and greater variety of stores to do some Christmas shopping in and watch the Grey Cup on a big screen TV. Even though it was such a short visit, it sure was nice to have Shar-Lee drop by.

Around 4:00 p.m. mom was getting antsy and I knew she was ready to hit the highway once again and head for home. Mom has this terrible fear of running into a deer along the highway so she always wants to depart in daylight hours. Actually I don’t blame her with the amount of deer carcasses you see along the stretch of they highway into the city. It seems as if every time we go to the city and return you see 10-12 dead deer along this stretch. From what I saw last spring when the deer were yarding up, I know there are a lot of deer in this area. Of course at present time the deer are a bit stupid due to it being the rutting time for them. You never know when one is going to dart in front of your vehicle or into the side of your vehicle. Both normally cause a heck of a lot of damage to your vehicle.

By 4:15 p.m. mom and Fred had departed. It sure was nice to have the visitors drop by even it was only for a short time. It’s always a welcome change in our ‘so stressed out’ lives 🙂

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Sad, sad, sad . . .

The other day I was reading the newspaper and read a letter to the editor about the paper publishing the names of children participating in sports. The writer felt that last names should never be used for children in the papers.

As I was out doing my morning walk, I was thinking about this article and remembering back to when I was a whole lot younger. If for some reason you were fortunate enough to be mentioned in a local newspaper, you wanted the whole world to know who you were. You were the local ‘hero’ at school for the next couple days or until another person bumped you off the list with their recognition in sporting news or other school endeavours. Everyone wanted a copy of the paper to take to their grandma and grandpa and other relatives to show them how their grandchild (niece/nephew) had won recognition by getting their name in the paper.

Of course now a days, young people have to content with bullies and others who would like nothing more than to be able to find out who you are so they can intimidate the child or do other dastardly deeds to the person. What a shame our society has evolved to what it is today where it is best that the last name of little Johnny (or Susie) who hit a home run or aced the spell-a-thon can’t even be put in their local newspaper for fear of retaliation.

What a sad comment on how far our society has come in 2007 😦

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Wonderful Weekend

Did we ever have some wonderful weather this last weekend. On Friday I had my doubts with the amount of frost we had Friday morning, but late Friday and into the weekend, the sun came out and it was just great. What made it even better was that both Sheila, Wendell & the girls and Craig decided that they would drop out for the weekend.

Seeing as Sheila and Wendell both have to work on Thanksgiving and who knows with Craig with some of the shifts that he is working, I decided that I’d cook up a small turkey. Of course the heat of the weekend didn’t help, but at least I have the air conditioning so it was fine. Sheila helped out and made some pies and we had a very nice family meal on Saturday.

The grandkids also got a treat in that Tim, Kris and Presley were in town. The girls got to visit with their cousin Presley who they don’t see that often. Along with the weather being so nice, Craig and James were able to get out on the golf course and from what I heard, Craig had a great game. James not so good.

Everyone headed home yesterday and like normal, the house feels like a tomb with the lack of noise. It only takes a day or so and we are back into the ‘quiet’ mode, so it is no big deal.

All in all, it was a great weather weekend and it was made extra special with the kids visiting…

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Staying Busy

Sheesh it has been a fairly long time since I’ve sat behind the keyboard of late. There are actually a few reasons for this, one being the amount of travelling I’ve been doing (going to and from the city). The main reason for the travelling is that I’ve run into a sore shoulder in the rotator area. So when I was in at my annual medical I mentioned it to my doctor who decided I should see a physiotherapist. On my first appointment for the physio the guy wasn’t too hard on the shoulder. He sent me home with some exercises to do to help with the rotator muscles.

Of course once you get into to see a therapist, they want you back fairly often so they can work on you and judge if you are gaining or loosing. That has meant 2 trips a week to the city for the therapy. Of course at home I’m doing the required exercises to help strengthen up the muscle and get the blood flowing in the area. The therapist feels I probably have a small tear (or more than one) in the rotator area and that I may need surgery. Still he wants to see if the physio will help prior to surgery. For the surgery you need to visit an orthopedic surgeon and they have a fairly long waiting list.

Some days the shoulder is fine and others it hurts like the daylights. Even on the fine days if I happen to stretch or reach the wrong way, the shoulder gives me quite a jolt of pain. I try and remember not to reach or stretch that way again as it hurts, but of course you forget in a day or so and you do it again.

I have another 2 appointments this week with the physio and then the therapist will decide if it warrants continued sessions or not. I do think it has helped to a certain degree, but it is a small degree in my view.

The other thing that has kept me going is working on a bunch of computers. Fall is coming and folks are wanting to get their computers tuned up for the upcoming winter months. Of course the computer needed help all summer long, but you never want to get work done before you actually need the computer. However, for the most part, I have had no problem keeping up with the demand. What is a little maddening is when I get the computer fined tuned and it is working top notch and then get it back to the customer and they do something and it crashes the whole thing again. Trying to figure out what happened and how to rectify it so that it doesn’t happen again is a guessing game at times. One such computer is one that I’m working on from a person in the city. I got it all set up and it was purring. Got it back to the customer and she found a trouble spot so the next trip into the city I fixed that up. Now it seems her younger son felt the computer was locked up or something so he powered it off and now it won’t restart. So tomorrow on my trip to the city, I’ll be stopping by and see if it is a quick fix or a ‘bring it home’ job. Hopefully it is just glitch that I can fix up on site.

No one likes to be without their computers now a days…

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Air Show After himing and hawing for the last wee…

Air Show

After himing and hawing for the last week, we finally decided to go to the Canada Remembers Air Show on Sunday rather than the Saturday performance. As it turns out, this was not a good choice. Mind you on Saturday it was blowing and raining and not a real enjoyable air show, but at least the folks got to see some of the show.

After getting up early this morning, I headed off to the city to meet up with Craig and Fred for the air show. The plan was to hit the show at about 11:00 am which would give us plenty of time to view the static exhibits and then get ready for the opening ceremonies at 12:30 pm.

When we arrived I turned into the parking lot and there was no one manning the gate. Strange! But then I remembered last year we had to take a jog through a line of trees and the ticket booths. This time when I took the jog, there was still no one around and not another vehicle in the lot. The lot was a bit muddy and any of the low spots still had lots of water on the ground. It wouldn’t be a real nice walk through this field I thought.

I did see a security fellow over nearer to the roadway so I headed over and asked him what was up. He then advised me that the show was cancelled for today due to the weather and the conditions of the parking. What can you do? Not a darn thing other than turn the truck around and go on home. You can’t beat mother nature no matter how hard you try.

It is sad though as there will not be an air show next year in Saskatoon as the runaways are getting redone. So the earliest we will get to see another show will be the summer of 2009.

I dropped Fred off and headed for home and arrived just in time for lunch. Nice Sunday drive, but sure didn’t accomplish anything…

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Visit Is Over

The household seems to be overly quiet tonite even with the Saskatchewan Roughriders playing on TV. However, it is just getting back to a normal level as the grandkids went home this evening.

We had a great visit with the kids even though the weather didn’t totally co-operate with us. We were able to get out and visit the community on our walk abouts though and generally had an enjoyable week. The kids were just great throughout the whole week and were on their best behaviour.

I did manage to grab a picture of the darlings before they departed for home this evening. We’ll definitely miss them until their next visit.

Sheila and Wendell took them into the city today and they purchased their supplies for school which starts in a week and half. That will put them on cloud 9 for a day or so just looking at all the new supplies to be used this year. I’m sure they are anxious to get back to school and see their friends and get into the swing of the school year once again in their new grades.

I hope they enjoy their time as looking back on it now, it just goes by a way to fast.

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Bone Scan

Boy times flies. It seemed like just the other day that I had to visit the RUH and get a bone scan for a possible broken bone in my pelvis area. That was September 2006. The doctor that interpreted the scan felt that I was good to go and had no problem at the time, but he wanted to do a follow up a year later. So on Friday I went to the RUH for another test.

Last year the scan was just gruelling with having to drink so much water and getting pictures taken of my whole body for almost an hour. So of course I wasn’t looking forward to the retest this year. At least I was familiar with what was going to transpire, so I attended the hospital a lot better prepared. First off I knew that I had lots of time to waste so I stopped by the library on Thursday and picked up a pocket novel to read. Then I filled up some water containers and got them chilled in the fridge.

On Friday I headed into the city a bit early as I had to report to admitting at 12:45 pm which would be the hospital lunch hour. I felt maybe the admitting office would be short staffed during this time and I was correct. Even so, it didn’t take me long to get admitted for the day and told where to attend next, ie Nuclear Medicine. I checked and the office was still in the same place that it was last year, so I was good to go. I found a comfy (isn’t that an oxymoron with hospital equipment) chair to sit down and commenced my novel.

Just prior to my scheduled time, I made my way over to Nuclear Medicine and reported in at 1:05 pm. I was about 10 minutes early, but I had my book so I didn’t really mind. Lo and behold I was called in right away. This part of the test is where they inject a radioactive isotope into my arm to allow the cameras to get better pictures. This went off very well and then I was free until 3:30 pm. The gal giving me the needle advised that I should try and drink about 3 or 4 glasses of water. I queried her on the 3 or 4 glasses thing as last year I had to drink 8 litres of liquid. She assured me that 3 or 4 would be fine but about 5 glasses would be better.

I departed the lab and headed out to the parking lot to have a sit down for a couple hours. I had my cooler of water (way too much now) and got comfy with the book once again and drank my water leisurely. Last year I had to chug down the water to try and get it all down in the allotted 2 hours. Five glasses is nothing.

I did make a trip into the hospital to use the facilities and then back out to the truck to continue to wait. As the time approached 3:15 pm, I headed back into the hospital to use the facilities once again. After drinking the water, you want to ensure your bladder is empty prior to the tests.

Once again I reported in at about 3:25 pm and within a couple minutes I was taken in for the tests. The young gal set me up on the track and I got settled in as best I could. Remember this track is about the size of a 2 X 10 piece of board and feels about the same. There is almost nil padding on the track but I did get a pillow for my head and for my knees. The operator set up my feet in the proper position and taped them together so they couldn’t move during the test.

She said that the test would only be about 15 1/2 minutes long which really surprised me after last years hour test. Once she got the camera set up about an inch from my nose we were off to the races. True to form, within 15 minutes I could tell the camera as just about finished doing it’s thing as it was just over my feet. When the timer went off to signal the test was over, the operator headed out to check with the doctor to interpret the pictures. She was back in a couple minutes stating that we were all done and I was free to go.

This was great news as far as I was concerned so I got off the track and immediately felt that my back was hurting big time. Even the short stay that I was perched on the 2 X 10 and now I had pains in my lower back. Of course it didn’t help that I was very tense with the camera thing just an inch from my nose. But I managed to walk out okay and headed for my truck and then home.

I’ll find out in a couple days from my doctor what the scan found and see where we go from there. The interesting thing is that prior to this test I have been feeling great. NO pains anywhere on me and especially none in the pelvis area where the broken bone was supposed to be. Now 2 days later, my lower back is still hurting and I have pains in my hip area (both sides). I’m hoping it is just the way I was perched on the 2 X 10 in a tense position and that things get back to normal soon.

Time will tell.

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