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Lots of Snow

It has been a long winter and like everyone Craig & James getting winter blues. Nice trip to the lake to see how the reported heavy snow was doing at the cabin.


Here is a similar picture taken of the lake in December 2009. You can sure see the different amount of snow..


Quite a bit on the roof, but James had to look at the BBQ to make sure. Of course a wobble pop to help him navigate 🙂 Don’t think I would be able to cook up a steak on those BBQ today without a whole lot of shoveling.


Wow is there a lot of snow at the lake this year. This is probably the most I have seen up there for many, many years. I think the last time I saw this much snow would be back in the early 80’s when Craig, I and Wally took a trip up to the cabin to ensure the snow wasn’t too heavy for the roof of the cabin.




Seeing how I couldn’t make the trip to the lake and use the BBQ I did the next best thing. Thawed out a beautiful rib eye steak from Costco and fired up the BBQ at home for supper tonight. Maybe not quite the ambiance, but I also didn’t have to expend a huge amount of energy shoveling snow to get at the cue either 🙂



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Going Camping!

As I was browsing around the net I came across a picture that I found was just tremendous. Definitely would fit right in with our lifestyle… I’m not sure where I would go about getting the trailer, but it sure does look interesting 🙂

Of course that would handle Sam’s transportation but then I got to thinking, what about me? Then it dawned on me, sitting out in our shed (still in running condition) is my old flame. If I remember correctly it was probably back in the mid 80’s that I actually last drove the thing. But since we moved here I have started it up and it purred away. To get it ready for the road I would only have to bring it out of the shed, dust it off, change the oil, put in some fresh gas and away we would go …

What a way to go camping 🙂

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Long Winter

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m finding this winter has been exceptionally long. Its not that we have had an excessive amount of blizzards or crappy weather, it just seems to be have started early and has hung on, and on, and on.

Remembering back when I was a kid (13 – 14 years) and having to walk from mom’s place to dad’s which was across the city in March.  This would have been about 1963-65.  Yes I wore a winter jacket, but it was unzipped, no mitts, no togue, and most definitely no winter boots.  Just running shoes.  I can remember the slush and all that, but I also remember the clean sidewalks and open streets.  Not like now, where you can hardly find a clean sidewalk in Saskatoon even though there is a bylaw to ensure the sidewalks are shoveled.  Mom lived on Avenue J just off of 20th Street and dad lived on the eastside by the Grosvenor Park shopping center so it was quite a walk (normally a couple hours).  But at this time of the year (3rd week of March), at least you were getting a sniff of spring.  That just isn’t happening this year or is it just me and old age catching up with me?

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Gorgeous Lake (and Harvest) Weather

We finally made the decision to ‘make a break’ for the lake last week. Even though I was offered weekend work at the Hardware, I decided to head north instead. I finished up my cleaning routines on Friday night and then only had the paper delivery for Saturday morning. Once the papers were delivered we hit the road.

The traffic was minimal so early in the morning as most of the major traffic travelling on Friday evening. We made great time and arrived at the cabin around 10:15 a.m. The weather got warmer the more we drove. The sun was out and the wind was down. Craig arrived about an hour and a half after us.

Craig and I got to work and put the chain saw to work and got some dead falls cut up for firewood. We then got a smoke going and sat around the fire and chatted the afternoon away. For supper we fired up the BBQ and had a steak, potato and trimmings. It was an early to bed evening as we both had been up bright and early.

Sunday was about the same, except I let Craig do the work and I just got to sit and supervise. The weather was just great and we wished we could stay, but of course I had papers bright and early Monday morning. We departed at 5:10 p.m. arriving home at 7:30 p.m.

It was just a nice little get away for a only a short time, but it was worthwhile. I’m not sure whether we’ll get another chance this coming fall or not. It would be nice. I’m hoping I don’t have to make a quick one day trip to draining the water and close up for the winter. With the long weekend coming up, maybe we’ll get another chance to head north. The weather is supposed to be staying nice and warm.

We’ll see…

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There’s An Echo In The House

I was out of town yesterday doing a bit of computer work. When I came back I detected a distinct echo in the house. It appears the son finally (!) retrieved a few of his belongings from my basement.

With the departure of a few of Craig’s belongings and the movement of a couch and chair to the local landfill (ie dump) my basement is getting to look a little barren.

I’m sure not complaining though as we hardly ever go down into the dungeon as it is. It just makes it a bit easier to run the vacuum around with the less furniture.

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Great Day

The weather today was just perfect. With the temp sitting around +25 and just a wee bit of a breeze, what more could a guy want? Especially when I was able to get out on the golf course today for a nice leisurely round with my son and my niece.

Sure I didn’t have one of my best rounds, but the company was great and the weather was just the best and as a bonus, my niece improved her game quite a bit on only her second attempt at the game called golf. I sure would like to thank Larry for letting us borrow his clubs so the niece could play today.

Even without golfing today I would have walked around the course just for the exercise on any day that we had weather as nice as today.

As I told Sam after golf today, ‘Wednesday the weather is supposed to be even better than today so we are definitely going to go around the course again tomorrow’.

After all, who knows how many more times I’ll be able to swat that little white ball around for the rest of the year before there is cover of white all over the ground?

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New Past-time

All winter long, my friends in the curling league kept bugging me that I needed something to do in the summer leisure hours. Of course to them that meant golf. My thoughts were that golf was just about on par as watching ‘paint dry’. It is just something that had never interested me in my whole life.

Along came spring and those glorious days of early summer. James convinced me that I should at least take ‘a walk-a-bout’ of the golf course and give it a whirl. After a lot of convincing on James part, I finally relented and said that I would give it a try.

James and I are both left handed golfers, so I was able to borrow his clubs. The long and short of it was that he ‘kicked my ass’ on the course, but he did plant the seed that this might be something that I might like. Craig came out of the city and once again convinced me to give it a try out on the links. Once again, Craig also is a left shot, so we were good to go and we headed out and gave it another go. Once again I got my assed kicked as I was such a horrible new golfer. However, I do believe the seed was planted and I really did enjoy ‘walking about’ on the course and just generally being outside.

After numerous outings (many, many, by myself), I now feel a bit more comfortable out on the course. Of course Tiger Woods definitely has nothing to worry about from me, but at least I’m not making a fool of myself.

This past weekend, I headed out on the course with James and then tonite I was out again with Craig. I’m satisfied that I at least made my goal for the year in that I surpassed both of my ‘teachers’ in a round.

Now granted both James and Craig probably had a ‘crappy day/game’ on the day of these rounds, but to me the important thing is that I didn’t have to hang my head after I got my ass kicked one more time. We all have bad games, but for both of these games/rounds at least I had a better score than my teachers.

I’m sure James or Craig will have a better score than me in the future rounds, but at least in my mind I know I can hold my own. As I said above, I know Tiger et al have nothing to fear from me, but I at least have nothing to be ashamed about when I hit the links with my family and/or friends.

With that being said, yesterday (September 16th), Craig and I took Shar-Lee out for a round of golf. Like myself, Shar-Lee had never golfed in her life and was a bit apprehensive of ‘giving it a try’. Being that this is only my first year, I certainly knew her feeling well and attempted to alleviate her apprehensions. On her first go at the course, Shar-Lee had an 82. Certainly not a course record, but I personally know people that are higher than that and have been golfing for many years. As we went around the holes, I could see that Shar-Lee was getting better and better with her strokes. She has great form and with a bit of practice I know she’ll be able to have some respectable scores and give Craig, James or I a run for our money.

The nice part of living in a small town is that our golf course is not crowded and there is not a lot of pressure from oncoming golfers to ‘get on with it’. You can take your time and try to ensure you are ready to hit the ball to the best of your ability. For a grand total of $5.00 a round or $45.00 for the year, there just is no better place to learn the game of golf. Sure we don’t have grass greens, but at least you can learn the basics and when you do get a bit more experience you can then attempt the more ambitious courses that the cities have.

However, for a beginner, there just is nothing better than a small town course in my estimation. . .

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Now We’ll Get Nice Weather

On Wednesday Craig and I travelled north to the cabin with the intent on closing it up for the winter. James was up on the weekend and had most everything stowed away, however, I still needed to blow out the water lines and a few other things.

The plan was to head north right after I finished my papers, pick up Craig at 9 and then ‘truck on’ north. I got my papers done and headed out and arrived at Craig’s at about 8:45 a.m. (a bit early, but about normal for me). I parked and waited, and waited, and waited. I was getting a bit antsy, but about 9:10 a.m. Craig did stroll out. Like normal he had slept in a bit. No real problem as we had the whole day to ‘do our thing’.

One quick stop at Canadian Tire to pick up mouse bait and moth balls and we were heading north. As we travelled the day got nicer and nicer with the temperature getting into the ‘nice level’.

We had a quick stop in PA for a ‘Tim’s’ break and then continued on. When we stepped out of the car at the lake the weather was just gorgeous. Just one of those days you could sit around outside and just do nothing. No bugs to worry about, no wind and lots of sun. But of course we had a few things to do.

Within a couple hours we had it all done and were ready to head back south. I remarked to Craig that with the weather at present we could just stay and just have a nice day. But then we figured we’d better not as someone would get crabby, so we packed up the car and started for home.

The traffic was about normal with no weekend idiots out on the byways, so we were able to travel along with no stress. Once we got to Toon Town we decided we should have some lunch/dinner. I suggested Gibson’s and Craig agreed. We arrived a the restaurant at about 3:45 pm so it certainly wasn’t busy. A nice cold Coors and some great ‘fish and chips’ and lunch was done.

I then dropped Craig off and headed southbound for home. A bit tired from being up so early for the papers, but at least we had everything done at the lake and the joint should be tucked in for the upcoming winter months.

Seeing how the ‘cabin’ is all closed up now, I’m sure we’ll get some great fall weather. It never fails. Case in point, Sandra and I went golfing this afternoon (I golfed, Sandra spotted). The temperature was about 24 – 25 C and just a great round (weather wise). It was a bit windy, but nothing too bad. I won’t comment on the golf as it wasn’t one of my best rounds. I haven’t been out for a while so I was a little rusty. Still all in all it was great to be able to get out and walk around the course.

I sure am hoping that there is plenty of nice weather left so I can get lots more golfing in this year. After all, it is a long winter and so I’ll get rusty as all get out. But then in a month or so the curling starts, so I’ll be happy once again.

I’ll take golf and the outdoors over curling any day, but they both are great past times. . . Also I then get a bit of the exercise that I everyone needs.

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Someone’s New Toy !

While I was out on the golf course the other day I happened to glance over at the sis-in-law’s house. There was a car parked out front that looked a little familiar. As Ron and I were golfing we commented on it amongst ourselves and actually thought it was Renee’s car, however, I didn’t really think so as it just didn’t look right.

After golfing we started back to Ron’s and as soon as we got on the road I knew why the car looked familiar. It was mine. Now this is all well and good except I had drove the truck over as it is easier getting my golf clubs in and out. So how did my car arrive out front of Pat and Ron’s.

Just one guess and I’m sure everyone can figure it out. Yup, Sandra decided she’d go for a drive. Of course she doesn’t have a driver’s licence any longer as after her stroke she had her’s taken away.

After a stern talking to, we got to thinking maybe it was time to get her some mode of transportation to get around town. If we are going out of town, then I do all the driving. While around town, I usually walk everywhere I go, but it is a bit more difficult for Sam.

Anyhow, on Tuesday we took a quick drive over to Hawarden and looked around at “Quick Save Canada“. They have mobility scooters, golf carts etc at a decent price. What we came up with was the ‘One Person Golf Cart’.



Now this is no speed demon as top speed is only about 6 miles per hour or maybe a bit faster. It also has forward and reverse along with headlights and it actually has tail lights. Under the seat is lockable storable for a purse or whatever and there is room on the back for groceries (or golf bag etc). But it sure is better than walking, especially for someone who has trouble walking.

We went over to Hawarden today and it picked the cart up. I just put it in the utility trailer and drove home. When we got home I just drove into the alley and unhooked the trailer. Then I put the cart at the back of the trailer and lifted up the front. The cart rolled off just slicker than all get out.

After we got everything figured out, Sam couldn’t wait to go for a spin down the road. She must have gotten it figured out okay as before I knew it she was off down the road for coffee at the cafe.

This should definitly give her some more freedom to get around 🙂

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Crappy Rumour

I know I haven’t been posting too much of late, but darn I’ve just been busy as all get out. Some days I think I should go back to work just so I can get a few days of rest on my days off 😦

It would appear that someone decided to start a nasty rumour that my health was not the best. Sorry to hear that, but maybe you should ask me before you decide to start spreading a false-hood.

As I said above, I have been super busy with computer work, truckin back and forth to the city for Sam and oh yah, doing some nice spring yard work.

I am definitely not having any health problems to preclude me getting on the computer. Just a lack of time…..

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