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It Figures!! As I was sitting here moaning my sor…

It Figures!!

As I was sitting here moaning my sore nose and chest from all the coughing I’ve been doing, my neighbour Ernie calls me up to see what I’m doing. “Oh nothing much other than half-way dying from a cold”. Sorry to hear that he says, but he wanted to thank me for clearing out the back alley and his yard so he can park next to his house and plug his car in. Hey, it doesn’t take too long and gives ‘big red’ a little more running time.

After a bit of small talk, he then pops the question whether I would consider curling for him in the Thursday night league. Now this call was about 5 pm and curling started at 7 pm. My first thought was if he had actually looked at my win/loss record from the Senior League or not, but I kept that to myself having a bit of pride you know. I did question him on the calibre of the curlers noting that I’m not up in the Brier League just yet. He assured me it was more a fun thing than anything else and I would fit in just fine.

I then thought about my cold and all the coughing I had been doing. I was tempted to decline the invite but of course he embellished the story that someone had walked off with his curling gear and one of the other team mates was down holidaying in Florida. This means they would be down to only 2 curlers and you can’t have a game that way. So being the softy I am (or is that masochist) I agreed to replace Ernie in the game.

Once I got to the hall and saw some of the curlers showing up I definitely had second thoughts about my decision. These were darn good curlers showing up for the draws. After a few minutes a few other folks showed up that I wasn’t familiar with, so I figured I’d already said I would, so I might as well follow through. I explained to the skip that I was only a last minute replacement and I definitely was not a ‘Super Curling’ type curler. He assured me it would be okay.

We headed out to the ice to get ready to play. Great start, we lost the flip and got to throw first stones. The end went by okay with lots of rocks in play and me sweeping up and down the sheet almost dying from a lack of oxygen. At the completion of all the rocks there were 2 yellow stones counting. I had to rub my eyes though at first and give myself a pinch as our team were actually throwing yellows rocks so that meant we were up 2 to 0.

The second end completed and we had 3 more counters sitting in the rings. This definitely was a GREAT game going on as far as I was concerned. In actual fact, the other team wasn’t doing so swell even though they have played together for a while. The rocks just were not going where they wanted them to go this evening.

The score after 6 complete ends of play was 12-0 for our team. At this point, the other team conceded and we got to depart the ice surface. Now I’m not usually one to just throw in the towel when some good exercise is available, but I was all for it this night. I had drank down about half a glass full of cough medicine (none of those sissy little teaspoons for me) before the curling started and I hadn’t done too badly coughing thoughout the game, but the reserves just weren’t there. I was plumb tuckered and more than willing to call it a night.

We shook hands and everyone retired to the local watering hole to quench their thirst. Sadly, I was not one of those that attended to ‘Buck’s Bar’ that evening. Sam and I got in the truck and we headed for home. Enough was enough. I needed some rest and fast. It was either that or I was going to fall down from exhaustion.

Too bad I can’t use this game for my ‘Senior League’ curling. Two “W’s” are a way more impressive looking than just a lonely one “W” to my thinking.


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Curling Day As today was a Monday, I had curling …

Curling Day

As today was a Monday, I had curling again. Of course last week was a first in that the team I was on actually won the game. This wrecked my perfect record of losses though, but then I thought I might just be on a roll.

Just prior to the start of the game the skip came up to me and told me I was going to be the 3rd today. I normally play the 2nd stones and know diddly squat about what a 3rd does. With the flu going around, the 3rd decided 10 minutes prior to the start of the game to call in that he was sick and wouldn’t be coming. Of course this didn’t leave us any time to call in one of the spares, so we went with only 3 players for the game. The lead and myself got to throw 3 rocks each end instead of the normal two.

The first end came together quite nicely and we scored 2 points (almost had 3). It looked like we just may have a chance of staying in front of the other team. On the 2nd end we scored another point to be up 3-0. However, on the 3rd end, they scored 3 points. Then on the 4th we scored another point and the score was 4 to 3. On the 5th end there were all kinds of rocks in play. Darn if at the finish of the end there were 4 counters. Sadly it was for the other team. So now of course we were in a big hole at 7 to 4 for the other team.

We oned them on ends 5, and 6 and they scored one on the 7th. The score was 8-6 going into the last end with our team having the hammer. We put our rocks right where the skip wanted them to allow us to get extra scores, but sadly we only ended up counting one on the end. The final score was 8-7 for the other team.

But at least I feel better now that my record is back on track. It was bothering me to have that one big ‘W’ under my belt. My hat was getting a bit tight and all that so it was gratifying in getting back to where I belong, 6 Losses and 1 Win.

Boy did I have a short roll, however, being that we were one team member short meant that we had to sweep harder to get the same result. That meant more exercise for me and of course that is the whole point of going out for curling.

Exercise and fun, that is the reason for the ‘Senior Curling League’.

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Finally A Win As it is Monday once again I had cu…

Finally A Win

As it is Monday once again I had curling this morning. Lo and behold I finally get to show a ‘W’ beside my name. Mind you, the game certainly was not won on my skills today. I couldn’t get my weight down at all. One rock would be too light and then the next rock would be too heavy. It just wouldn’t come together.

It was 7 to 6 for our team on the last end. We had the hammer which was a good thing. On the 8th end I finally was able to place both of my rocks where the skip wanted them. We ended up scoring another point on the 8th with our skip not throwing his last rock.

I just could not for the life of me get things going today. But now my perfect record is broken. 1 Win and 5 Losses. I guess I’ll have to give it another try next Monday to see how the wind blows. Who knows, I may be on a roll now…

I doubt it, but you can always hope 🙂

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Perfect Record I was up bright and early this mor…

Perfect Record

I was up bright and early this morning so I could head down to the curling rink for the Monday curling match. This was to be my fifth game since we started curling on December 11th.

Today we started out great guns with a 4 ender in the 2nd followed by a 3 ender and then a single. It would seem that the game was going our way. But as it normally happens, the plan fell apart and we just couldn’t make any shots for the rest of the game. They didn’t beat us too terribly badly, but the other team did come out on top.

So that makes it a perfect score for me. Five games played, five games lost 😦

Of course the curling is just for the fun and for a bit of exercise. Actually I find it is such a wonderful way to meet fellow citizens of the town and vice versa. I don’t really care what the score is.

I do have a few games to go prior to the end of the season, so I’m hoping I will be able to come out victorious in at least one game for the year.

Time will tell.

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