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Lots of Snow

It has been a long winter and like everyone Craig & James getting winter blues. Nice trip to the lake to see how the reported heavy snow was doing at the cabin.


Here is a similar picture taken of the lake in December 2009. You can sure see the different amount of snow..


Quite a bit on the roof, but James had to look at the BBQ to make sure. Of course a wobble pop to help him navigate 🙂 Don’t think I would be able to cook up a steak on those BBQ today without a whole lot of shoveling.


Wow is there a lot of snow at the lake this year. This is probably the most I have seen up there for many, many years. I think the last time I saw this much snow would be back in the early 80’s when Craig, I and Wally took a trip up to the cabin to ensure the snow wasn’t too heavy for the roof of the cabin.




Seeing how I couldn’t make the trip to the lake and use the BBQ I did the next best thing. Thawed out a beautiful rib eye steak from Costco and fired up the BBQ at home for supper tonight. Maybe not quite the ambiance, but I also didn’t have to expend a huge amount of energy shoveling snow to get at the cue either 🙂


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