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Canada Day 2012

The weather finally decided to smarten up and we had a tremendously nice weekend up at the lake. Just the two of us this weekend as the other party came down with a ‘sick day’ and was unable to make the trip. We did enjoy ourselves and I was quite happy that I was able to get a few things done that needed doing around the camp.

The beauty (and best part for me) was just sitting outside enjoying the scenery . . . Smelling the pine smoke and enjoying the quietness (for the most part) of the forest country.

I was also able to switch out a few parts in the washroom with the end result being that the bath and the toilet are up and running once again. Mind you, the bath is only cold water, but for the sissy people, you can heat up a bit of warm water on the stove 🙂 I did run the cold into the tub and yah it is a bit chilly, but definitely not as cold as the lake.

We also tried out the bedroom that we have been using for the last couple years on the first night, then on the second night we moved over to the ‘master suite’. Way nicer bed and I enjoyed the sleep. The other party wasn’t quite as convinced as I as it was a bit harder for her to sneak out of bed early in the morning. But we both enjoyed the extra room that James and Craig and I had created on our middle of June trip. It does wonders for the bedroom. So now we have to decide and claim which is going to be ‘our room’!!

My only complaint for the weekend was the number of sirens you could hear. Wholly smokes, you would swear we were in the city with the amount of fire trucks, police vehicles and ambulances tearing by on the highway at all hours. But then looking at the population that swells Emma Lake and the other beaches and lakes in the area it is no wonder. The road is quite narrow and curvey so it is nice that the emergency vehicles are annoucing themselves to curtail a serious accident. Of course being that it was a provincial holiday, there were lots of people out and about who probably partook a few too many wobbly pops!

All in all, great weekend and looking forward to lots more this summer . . .

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