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A Little Storm !!

All day Tuesday we were hounded on the radio and tv about tornadoes and crappy weather coming our way. Everywhere we went you kept an eye on the sky as you just didn’t know when it was going to strike.

We were just finishing up supper and the power went out and boom! it started to rain. I went and checked out the front window and was presented with a downpour.

Within a minute or so, the downpour turned into a hurricane (not really, but it seemed like it!).

Then it really started to come down !!!

I knew that it just could not keep up this pace and it didn’t. It started to slow down to just a normal summer rain. The wind came up though and when I quickly took a look in the backyard I knew we were in for ‘a storm’. The flag pole was already bent and the wind was getting stronger.

As the wind and rain started to subside I took another peek out the back and was so thankful that James ‘pride and joy’ was spared. Not by much mind you, but nary a scratch on the beauty.

I moved back to the front of the house and was presented with a big mess on the street . . .

At least the rain had almost stopped, so I grabbed my jacket and headed out to see how the rest of ‘main street’ faired. A quick glance showed that all was not well down the street. I stopped at the bank and took a shot towards the west. That is the bank fence across the sidewalk . . .

Oh great, here is the bank’s garden shed that used to sit in behind the fence. There’s the propane tank that normally resides on the propane bbq which just happens to be sitting in the interestion in a couple pieces. . .

As I slowly started forward I tentatively looked in the bank’s back yard. Yikes!

Now this really didn’t look good at all. This is the Elks’ Seniors building. The steel roof was lived right off and blown about a block away…

Within short order there were people at the Seniors putting up tarps on the roof, other people putting plastic sheets around cars/trucks that had their windows smashed out (6-7 vehicles). I continued my short walk and came across the house just down the street from me. This is looking at the front of the house…

My that tree had small roots for such a big tree!

This is the look from the side of the house . . .

There was more damage throughout the town. Trees down in almost every yard. Some actually fell on roofs. Lots of shingles blown off homes. A 65-70 foot mobile home was moved off it’s foundation, but it stayed upright but of course there will be damage to gas lines and whatnot underneath. I hear out in the country a few farms also got hit fairly hard with predominately wind damage.

But in it all, no one got hurt and that is the best news ever. All in all our power was out for the better part of 12 hours or so. It was out most of the night and then came back on only to crash and go out again in the morning. Even as I started to type this the power went out once, but from the looks of things SaskPower has done a tremendous job getting the Town back up and running.

June 27, 2012 - Posted by | Hanley, Weather


  1. glad to hear you folks are all right. and thank you for the pics…

    Comment by james | June 27, 2012 | Reply

  2. Hi Dale, thanks for the pics, when mother nature turns her scorn on, we really do get it. In our area we got lots of wind and rain but not much damage that we know of yet. Nic’s grad was last night and we wer every lucky, the power didn’t go out, but the wind blew all night and day today. Calmed down now. Your Dad had a look at all pictures… Your Moms house must have been nice is it’s day, but
    looks like its seen better days. Keep in touch, , Dad & Connie
    Don,t work too hard!!

    Comment by Connie | June 27, 2012 | Reply

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