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Spring Might Be Coming

The way the weather has been lately, it has seemed that spring would never arrive in this part of the world.  Lo and behold we have actually had a bit of sun the last couple of days and the snow is melting away.  The forecast is for even warmer temperatures for the rest of the week.

Another sure sign that the weather is changing happened this morning on my early morning walk.  About half way through the walk I heard a faintly remembered sound coming from a tree.  I stopped and looked around and sure enough, high up in the tree sat a solidary robin chirping away.  What a great sound/sight to find on a Monday morning.

My one thought was ‘oh great spring is actually starting to happen’.  Then my thoughts turned to the poor robin.  It is going to be darn hard to find any worms around here for a while as the ground is still frozen solid.  Hopefully the robin will find enough left over berries and whatnot to tide him over until the ground softens up a bit.

What a great way to start off a Monday morning Smile

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