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Long Winter

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m finding this winter has been exceptionally long. Its not that we have had an excessive amount of blizzards or crappy weather, it just seems to be have started early and has hung on, and on, and on.

Remembering back when I was a kid (13 – 14 years) and having to walk from mom’s place to dad’s which was across the city in March.  This would have been about 1963-65.  Yes I wore a winter jacket, but it was unzipped, no mitts, no togue, and most definitely no winter boots.  Just running shoes.  I can remember the slush and all that, but I also remember the clean sidewalks and open streets.  Not like now, where you can hardly find a clean sidewalk in Saskatoon even though there is a bylaw to ensure the sidewalks are shoveled.  Mom lived on Avenue J just off of 20th Street and dad lived on the eastside by the Grosvenor Park shopping center so it was quite a walk (normally a couple hours).  But at this time of the year (3rd week of March), at least you were getting a sniff of spring.  That just isn’t happening this year or is it just me and old age catching up with me?


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