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Nasty Fake Rogue Anti-Spyware Program

It appears there is another fake rogue anti-spyware program that has just popped up.  The program gives you a ‘Fake Microsoft Security Essentials’ warning that you are infected.  The end result is you do get infected by ‘Windows Process Regulator’ and it doesn’t want to go away peacefully.

Any ‘exe’ files will start to run and then shut off.  So trying to fix up with Malwarebytes doesn’t cut it.  Even trying to use your Task Manager to ‘end task’ the beast doesn’t work.  Eventually I did find a site that explained how to cure this ‘nasty’.  If you have another computer, then you can view the site and work on your infected computer.  Go to Remove Windows Process Regulator and follow along the instructions.  There are other sites out there, so you can just do a search for ‘remove windows process regulator’ and I’m certain you will find something to help.

You want to get the RKill installed on your computer first.  Be aware that some of the RKill install files will not work with the Process Regulator running.  Try a few of them.  I saved them to a USB stick on a good computer and then ran the file on the infected computer.  I did have to try 4 different files before I could get one to work.  The one that worked for me was the WiNlOgOn.exe download link.  Hopefully you can find one to work for you from the link above.  Once you have the file on your infected computer, run it and let it ‘kill’ the processes.  You then need to download and run the ‘shell.reg’ file.  Once that is done, you can then effectively run Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware and clean up your computer.  I always like to run SuperAntispyware (or SpyBot, or AdAware, etc) after the Malwarebyte’s to ensure I have gotten rid of the ‘nasty’.

Some will wonder why your Anti-Virus doesn’t protect you from this threat.  You will find that this isn’t a virus but malware, so your anti-virus probably won’t sound a warning for you.  The end result for this thing is dropping a Trojan onto your computer which is trying to get your login information for you banking, etc. 

Damn I hate people that create these things Sad smile

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Town of Hanley – FaceBook Page

The Town is in the process of creating a FaceBook page.  It is intended to enter pertinent information on the page for residents so they are more aware of what is happening in the Town that may affect the citizens.

The page can be viewed at: 

Town of Hanley Facebook

The page also contains ‘Discussions’ that citizens can participate in and let their views be known.  So take a look and if you feel it is worthwhile, click on ‘Like’ at the top of the page.

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Long Winter

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m finding this winter has been exceptionally long. Its not that we have had an excessive amount of blizzards or crappy weather, it just seems to be have started early and has hung on, and on, and on.

Remembering back when I was a kid (13 – 14 years) and having to walk from mom’s place to dad’s which was across the city in March.  This would have been about 1963-65.  Yes I wore a winter jacket, but it was unzipped, no mitts, no togue, and most definitely no winter boots.  Just running shoes.  I can remember the slush and all that, but I also remember the clean sidewalks and open streets.  Not like now, where you can hardly find a clean sidewalk in Saskatoon even though there is a bylaw to ensure the sidewalks are shoveled.  Mom lived on Avenue J just off of 20th Street and dad lived on the eastside by the Grosvenor Park shopping center so it was quite a walk (normally a couple hours).  But at this time of the year (3rd week of March), at least you were getting a sniff of spring.  That just isn’t happening this year or is it just me and old age catching up with me?

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