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Foggy Out There

Holy smokes but is it ever foggy out there this morning.  Then add in the melting that occurred yesterday and it is slippery as all get out.

My paper guy was late again this morning due to the fog.  He also ran into a big old skunk and had a hard time driving with tears in his eyes.  He tried hanging his head out the window but then the tears just froze to his face and he still couldn’t see.  At least after my drop he is on the homeward bound leg of his night  He usually starts at about 10 p.m. and done by 7-8 a.m.

Now I actually get a night off.  My only night of the week that I don’t have to go out and clean.  Then the only day I don’t have to get up early is tomorrow morning.  I’m on a roll Smile


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