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Scary Thoughts

For the last week or so the sky around town has been full of geese. There is a field of peas just on the edge of town and the geese have found it and are delighted in filling up on the peas for their long jaunt south. Sometimes the air is just black (and white) with the geese trying to get the best landing spot checked out. Of course they are very vocal as well when they are trying to land and when they are landed and feeding.

The one strange thing I have found for the last couple of days is that when I’m heading out bright and early in the morning; I’m hearing chick-a-dees chirping away. Now what the heck are they doing this far south at this time of the year. Normally we don’t hear/see them until the middle of winter when it gets too stormy in the north. We haven’t even had a sniff of snow yet and in actuality the weather has been quite nice for the last couple weeks. No rain finally 🙂

I’m just hoping this is not a sign of what we are going to be in for this coming winter. Mind you the way our weather has been since last year, I certainly would not be surprised if we had a lot of snow and a long cold winter. Brrrrrrr


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