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What A Great Choice

As we were fast approaching the May long weekend I more carefully monitored the weather forecasts.  I certainly wasn’t seeing a very nice weekend in store for all the campers for the long weekend.

When I was working, the majority dreaded the May long weekend as it is normally such a zoo act.  All that pent up energy from the winter months let loose on the first long weekend in a warmer time.  Usually it is just chaotic throughout the whole province.  Those fortunate enough to get the weekend off were overjoyed.  There were also a few that got to take some holidays over the weekend to miss the ‘fun’ action.

Since retiring I don’t really care one way or the other about the weekend.  Last year we headed to the lake and got the cabin set up on Saturday and then spent all day Sunday and Monday trying to thaw out the water pump and lines.  Great fun!

So this year when I was approached to see if I was available to work on the weekend at the Hardware I advised I was available.  So as the town was emptying out I was ‘hard’ at work on Friday.  It actually was quite quiet for a Friday.  Heck even the liquor end was quiet.

Saturday came and so did our wind and rain.  Once again it was a rather quiet day at work.  Saturday evening the wind really started to pick up and the rain increased.  It blew and rained all evening/night.  At times I even thought I saw white snow flakes but I may have just had my eyes playing tricks on me.

Today (Sunday) was just an ugly old day and I was just content to stay inside rather than venture out to fight the winds and rain.  I did end up hitting the BBQ this evening and cooked up some baked potatoes and some excellent rib eye steaks.  As I sit typing this the temperature is showing 7 C and with the wind-chill it is 3 C.  It is conceivable that it could freeze tonight although I certainly hope not.

But I most definitely feel I made the right choice about staying home rather than freezing my ass off at the cottage.  Hopefully we’ll get lots of real nice weekends this summer and we’ll get our chance to visit the north country.

Hopefully 🙂


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