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A Bit of Moisture

The forecasters were correct in that they advised we would be getting a bit of rain today.  Early this morning we had lightening and thunderstorms move through the area, but not a lot of rain.  As can be attested by the following picture, a shower was evident in the Blackstrap valley at 4:45 p.m. this date.  So far we haven’t got a lot of rain (nor are we supposed to get a lot today) in the Hanley area. 

Of course this is the May long weekend coming up and with it the weather turns sour like clockwork.  There is rain forecasted for both Saturday and Sunday throughout the province.  Hopefully it won’t diminish the campers from heading out and enjoying the parks in the province…



For those of you who want to view the camera on the Blackstrap valley directly, click on Blackstrap Valley Camera


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How True It Is?

I was sent the following picture and saying.  Thinking about it, you just have to wonder ‘what would a best friend do?’

Oh well, it is funny (to some) and not so to others.  Take it as you like…


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