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Staying Busy

I have been quite busy lately with all the goings on with the Town and their website, the Seniors computers and the ‘This & That’ blog.  Of course I have also had a huge amount of computers coming in with the newest ‘problem’, the Antivirus Windows 7 (Vista)(XP) programs.

It is not enough that I get calls asking for help, but the other day I was walking down the street at about 9 p.m. (it is quiet out at that time of day in town).  I hear this yell that sort of sounded like my name, but not really.  It actually sounded like ‘DARRELL’ to me, so I continued to walk home.  Then I heard yelling again and turned around and saw a woman waving her arms at me and yelling for me to stop. 

The short story was they had some computer problem that just cropped up and wanted me to come and fix it.  I agreed and complied and got the computer all fixed.

Today I was filling up my gas can at the local gas station and this guy pulls in beside me and just sat there.  Didn’t say anything while I pumped the gas (the attendants were busy inside).  Finally I was done and just at that time an attendant came out.  The guy advised he didn’t need gas, but wanted to talk to me.  His computer needed some fixing as it was acting up.  Needless to say I advised him I’d be home in about 10 minutes and he could drop off his computer and I’d look at it.  At present I’m working on it . . .

I don’t mind at all.  If I didn’t want to work on them I could always advise the person that I was just too busy.  It is always nice to help out and get the individuals computer back up and running as the owner wants.

My only beef right now is our weather in that it has been darn wet the last while.  It sure makes for a muddy walk in the morning and of course extra work in the Hall and the Bank with the muddy floors.  The forecast says it is supposed to warm up by the end of the week so I have my fingers crossed.

Of course you can’t do a damn thing about the weather so you might as well as ‘just go with the flow’ and move onto something else until you get the type of weather you like…


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