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Is It A Rule?

I turned on the TV the other day and was presented with the weatherman from CTV Regina giving us the good news about the upcoming weekend. His name for those of you who don’t watch this channel is J.C. Garden and goes by just JC.

So once the weather was done I switched over to Global Saskatoon to watch a bit of the sports. The sports cast announcer is Kevin JESUS.

I continued to watch a bit of national news on Global and the story was sent to ‘the reporter in the field’, Ross LORD.

Okay, what the hell is it with all these people having these names on the TV news?

I was tempted to channel surf around the channels to see if I could find Mary MAGDALENE out there somewhere broadcasting away, but that would be just too much for my feeble brain to try and digest at one sitting.

I did come to the conclusion that it must ‘Be A Rule’ to have a funky name if you are on the TV news, weather or sports.


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