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It’s Getting Better Every Day

It’s not even the end of March yet and I saw and heard my first couple of robins this morning while out delivering the papers. They were just a singing away from the treetops. Mind you they may be singing to complain about the ground being too hard (ie frozen) yet to get any worms, but at least they are here.

After I saw the robins I took a good look around and holy smokes, the snow has almost disappeared. It is just unbelievable how fast the snow has melted. The other thing is that there is not that much water left around. That would gel with what I thought. We just didn’t get very much snow this past winter and what we had didn’t have a very high water content. I’ve already heard that sloughs that are normally overflowing at this time of year have hardly a trickle of water in them.

It could be a dry, dusty summer! But of course if we get some rain in the May/June timeframe it will change everything.

Not a darn thing you can do about it though, so you might as well just go with the flow 🙂

March 22, 2010 - Posted by | Hanley, Weather

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