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What A Fine Day

The wind finally calmed down and the temperature increased to around 15-16 C today. This allowed 4 of us to get out on the golf course for a round. No one has been on the course for a couple of weeks so the greens (?) are not in the best of shape, but at least you could hit the ball around and get a bit of fresh air.

After the lay off, I didn’t do all that great, but the other 3 fellows I was golfing with didn’t totally embarrass me even though they have golfed for years.

We are hoping to get in another round tomorrow if the wind stays down and the temperatures get up to the middle teens.

Of course we know that every round we get in now, means we get to cheat the fall/winter by that much more 🙂 before next spring…


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There’s An Echo In The House

I was out of town yesterday doing a bit of computer work. When I came back I detected a distinct echo in the house. It appears the son finally (!) retrieved a few of his belongings from my basement.

With the departure of a few of Craig’s belongings and the movement of a couch and chair to the local landfill (ie dump) my basement is getting to look a little barren.

I’m sure not complaining though as we hardly ever go down into the dungeon as it is. It just makes it a bit easier to run the vacuum around with the less furniture.

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