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Still Speeding

With the most recent trip to the city (and onto the lake) and return, my count is now at 106 trips into/out of the city since we purchased the car. The sad part is that my count of visuals on a marked police unit on the highway is still sitting at 6 sightings. So that should come out to about a 94.34% chance you will not see a police unit on the highway from town into the city or return.

A quick little calculation about the number of vehicles passing me to the number of vehicles I passed gave me a figure of approx 90% of the vehicles are speeding. I set my cruise on 111 kmph and watched 9 out of 10 vehicles passing my. Some were just over the 111 mark whereas others had the landing gear out and flying low. The sad part was there just was no one out on the highways to watch/catch the speeders. Of course for the most part this is during daylight hours and not a normal time for Detachment members to be out and about fighting crime.

Them police cars are getting about as scarce as VW bugs out on the highways and byways . . . The sad part is with all the retirements and what not, it is probably going to get a lot worse before it gets any better 😦


September 11, 2008 - Posted by | Hanley, RCMP

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