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Someone’s New Toy !

While I was out on the golf course the other day I happened to glance over at the sis-in-law’s house. There was a car parked out front that looked a little familiar. As Ron and I were golfing we commented on it amongst ourselves and actually thought it was Renee’s car, however, I didn’t really think so as it just didn’t look right.

After golfing we started back to Ron’s and as soon as we got on the road I knew why the car looked familiar. It was mine. Now this is all well and good except I had drove the truck over as it is easier getting my golf clubs in and out. So how did my car arrive out front of Pat and Ron’s.

Just one guess and I’m sure everyone can figure it out. Yup, Sandra decided she’d go for a drive. Of course she doesn’t have a driver’s licence any longer as after her stroke she had her’s taken away.

After a stern talking to, we got to thinking maybe it was time to get her some mode of transportation to get around town. If we are going out of town, then I do all the driving. While around town, I usually walk everywhere I go, but it is a bit more difficult for Sam.

Anyhow, on Tuesday we took a quick drive over to Hawarden and looked around at “Quick Save Canada“. They have mobility scooters, golf carts etc at a decent price. What we came up with was the ‘One Person Golf Cart’.



Now this is no speed demon as top speed is only about 6 miles per hour or maybe a bit faster. It also has forward and reverse along with headlights and it actually has tail lights. Under the seat is lockable storable for a purse or whatever and there is room on the back for groceries (or golf bag etc). But it sure is better than walking, especially for someone who has trouble walking.

We went over to Hawarden today and it picked the cart up. I just put it in the utility trailer and drove home. When we got home I just drove into the alley and unhooked the trailer. Then I put the cart at the back of the trailer and lifted up the front. The cart rolled off just slicker than all get out.

After we got everything figured out, Sam couldn’t wait to go for a spin down the road. She must have gotten it figured out okay as before I knew it she was off down the road for coffee at the cafe.

This should definitly give her some more freedom to get around 🙂


August 27, 2008 - Posted by | Family, Hanley

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  1. Who builds this cart and where can I contact the company. I have a handicapped kid that could really use something like this to get around.


    Comment by Richard Hungerford | October 26, 2009 | Reply

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