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Wonder Why There Are So Many Speeders

On my most recent trip to the city I was listening to the radio and the statistic that there had been so many accidents on Hwy 11 lately and I got to thinking. . .

Like many folks that follow the rules of the road I was travelling along at 110 kmph (give or take 1). Of course every vehicle on the road was just whizzing by me like I was standing still. Believe me, I don’t pass too many people but I sure do get passed alot.

Anyhow, I got to doing some figuring and I came up with the fact that this was my 90th trip either to the city or home since I bought my car in late April. In those 90 trips I have only seen a police vehicle 6 times either on my way into the city or on my way home on the stretch from Hanley to Saskatoon and return. Up until yesterday’s trip I had only seen 5 PCs so yesterday’s trip was special.

But then the figuring comes into play. If you get a per centage of times I have seen a police vehicle in those 90 trips it comes out to 6.67%. So for 93.33% of the time I have not encountered a PC. Hummmm. So you wonder why people speed when the chance they are going to get caught is so low with no police vehicles on the highway?

Now for the most part I travel during daylight hours and I know that most Detachments work the evenings more so than dayshifts as that is when the members are needed more. But still there is the Traffic Services Section (formerly Highway Patrol) out of Saskatoon that for the most part does work daylight shifts and there are some members of the Detachments who work day shifts as well. As Hwy 11 is one of the major highways in this province, I wonder which part of the highway they are patrolling? The highway north towards Prince Albert is busy, but believe me, there is a lot of traffic on this bit of road that runs south from Saskatoon as well.

It is not always at night when all the accidents are happening on the roads. If you look at all the recent ones along Hwy 11 (Craik, Hanley, Davidson, etc), quite a few of them have been during daylight hours. Mind you a fair number of them have been when a vehicle is trying to cross the major highway.

So thinking, as a person sits to cross the road, you are believing that the oncoming vehicle is travelling at the speed limit of say 110 kmph, but in reality the oncoming vehicles are travelling at 120 to 125 normally and in a lot of cases up over 130 or 140 kmph. That just could throw your estimation of room to travel across the highway out the window as the traffic is upon you much quicker than you actually thought.

Now I’m sure not ragging on the members who are patrolling the highways and byways as I know they just can’t be everywhere at once. Of course all Detachments and Units are also running short which doesn’t help any.

I lay the blame on ‘Joe/Josephine Public’ who figures they don’t have to obey the speed limits because they are ‘special’, or they need to get somewhere in a hurry, etc. With the per centage of police vehicles out on the roads these days, these offenders are getting away with their breaking of the laws and possibly causing some accidents.

Well at least it was something to think about as I travelled in and out of the city. After awhile the scenery does get a tad boring 🙂


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Left Too Early

I think the purple martins may have gotten mixed up this year (or at least I’m hoping so). For the last week or so the martins have been grouping up for their normal departure for the south.

Bright and early Thursday morning (ie 5:30 a.m.) while I was delivering the papers I noticed no squawking of the martins when I got near their houses. I didn’t see a one all through town when normally there are literally hundreds.

This morning while doing the papers I did hear a few martins, but I believe these were just stragglers. The rest have departed for warmer climes.

Our weather forecast for the next few days is just wonderful as the temps are to supposed to be up in the low 30’s. So either the martins know something that us humans don’t or they headed to the south a little too early 🙂 I would think the heat has nothing to do with their departure time though. Looking back a few years it would appear that normally the martins depart somewhere around August 12th, so this would be right on schedule for them to depart on the 14th.

I’m just hoping we get a few more weeks of summer weather or rather maybe we can get a few weeks of what should be summer time weather. We sure haven’t had a lot of typical warm/hot summer weather yet this year.

The other thing I noticed when I was out at just after 5 a.m. is how dark it is out then. The days are just slipping by and every day we lose more and more daylight. We all know what that leads to and I’m sure not really looking forward to the ‘white’ stuff just yet.

Hopefully we’ll have a super nice fall that extends to about mid December 🙂

Well you can always hope can’t you?

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