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Busy Time

Something tells me that the summer is coming to a close and the restart of school is right aroung the corner.

It seems every day I’m getting a call or two about fixing up a slow computer. When I ask a few questions as to what the computer is doing, how long, etc; I’m invariably told ‘oh it has been like this all summer’ and ‘just too busy to look at it’, etc.

My favourite is ‘well the kids are going back to school so I thought I should put an antivirus program on the computer’. I ask, “what have you been doing since you last had an antivirus program”. ‘Oh nothing, we figured it was the summer time and we wouldn’t have to worry about a virus showing up’.

OK, I’m with you on that one all right 🙂

Needless to say my first job is to install and update an antivirus program for them. Then run a ‘full scan’. Invariably there are some trojans and other great stuff sitting in their computer. After getting the little mess cleaned up, I can then go in and attempt to clean up the slowness, etc.

Fun, fun, fun.


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