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Wonderful Weekend

Did we ever have some wonderful weather this last weekend. On Friday I had my doubts with the amount of frost we had Friday morning, but late Friday and into the weekend, the sun came out and it was just great. What made it even better was that both Sheila, Wendell & the girls and Craig decided that they would drop out for the weekend.

Seeing as Sheila and Wendell both have to work on Thanksgiving and who knows with Craig with some of the shifts that he is working, I decided that I’d cook up a small turkey. Of course the heat of the weekend didn’t help, but at least I have the air conditioning so it was fine. Sheila helped out and made some pies and we had a very nice family meal on Saturday.

The grandkids also got a treat in that Tim, Kris and Presley were in town. The girls got to visit with their cousin Presley who they don’t see that often. Along with the weather being so nice, Craig and James were able to get out on the golf course and from what I heard, Craig had a great game. James not so good.

Everyone headed home yesterday and like normal, the house feels like a tomb with the lack of noise. It only takes a day or so and we are back into the ‘quiet’ mode, so it is no big deal.

All in all, it was a great weather weekend and it was made extra special with the kids visiting…


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Staying Busy

Sheesh it has been a fairly long time since I’ve sat behind the keyboard of late. There are actually a few reasons for this, one being the amount of travelling I’ve been doing (going to and from the city). The main reason for the travelling is that I’ve run into a sore shoulder in the rotator area. So when I was in at my annual medical I mentioned it to my doctor who decided I should see a physiotherapist. On my first appointment for the physio the guy wasn’t too hard on the shoulder. He sent me home with some exercises to do to help with the rotator muscles.

Of course once you get into to see a therapist, they want you back fairly often so they can work on you and judge if you are gaining or loosing. That has meant 2 trips a week to the city for the therapy. Of course at home I’m doing the required exercises to help strengthen up the muscle and get the blood flowing in the area. The therapist feels I probably have a small tear (or more than one) in the rotator area and that I may need surgery. Still he wants to see if the physio will help prior to surgery. For the surgery you need to visit an orthopedic surgeon and they have a fairly long waiting list.

Some days the shoulder is fine and others it hurts like the daylights. Even on the fine days if I happen to stretch or reach the wrong way, the shoulder gives me quite a jolt of pain. I try and remember not to reach or stretch that way again as it hurts, but of course you forget in a day or so and you do it again.

I have another 2 appointments this week with the physio and then the therapist will decide if it warrants continued sessions or not. I do think it has helped to a certain degree, but it is a small degree in my view.

The other thing that has kept me going is working on a bunch of computers. Fall is coming and folks are wanting to get their computers tuned up for the upcoming winter months. Of course the computer needed help all summer long, but you never want to get work done before you actually need the computer. However, for the most part, I have had no problem keeping up with the demand. What is a little maddening is when I get the computer fined tuned and it is working top notch and then get it back to the customer and they do something and it crashes the whole thing again. Trying to figure out what happened and how to rectify it so that it doesn’t happen again is a guessing game at times. One such computer is one that I’m working on from a person in the city. I got it all set up and it was purring. Got it back to the customer and she found a trouble spot so the next trip into the city I fixed that up. Now it seems her younger son felt the computer was locked up or something so he powered it off and now it won’t restart. So tomorrow on my trip to the city, I’ll be stopping by and see if it is a quick fix or a ‘bring it home’ job. Hopefully it is just glitch that I can fix up on site.

No one likes to be without their computers now a days…

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