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Visit Is Over

The household seems to be overly quiet tonite even with the Saskatchewan Roughriders playing on TV. However, it is just getting back to a normal level as the grandkids went home this evening.

We had a great visit with the kids even though the weather didn’t totally co-operate with us. We were able to get out and visit the community on our walk abouts though and generally had an enjoyable week. The kids were just great throughout the whole week and were on their best behaviour.

I did manage to grab a picture of the darlings before they departed for home this evening. We’ll definitely miss them until their next visit.

Sheila and Wendell took them into the city today and they purchased their supplies for school which starts in a week and half. That will put them on cloud 9 for a day or so just looking at all the new supplies to be used this year. I’m sure they are anxious to get back to school and see their friends and get into the swing of the school year once again in their new grades.

I hope they enjoy their time as looking back on it now, it just goes by a way to fast.


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Fall Is Coming If the movement of the purple mart…

Fall Is Coming

If the movement of the purple martins is any indication, then fall is on it’s way. As of Thursday August 16th all the martins in town have departed town and are presumably heading southwards. This is about normal for the martins as they normally depart about the 15th of the month. This year I think the martins took a bunch of their friends with them as the bird population is almost nil right now. I haven’t seen any gold finch, purple finch or just normal finches, or even robins for that case, around in the last couple of days. Heck even the sparrows are in hiding.

Now we’ll have to wait until the fall and winter guests show up to entertain at the feeders.

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