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Typical Media Overstating a Story I was reading a…

Typical Media Overstating a Story

I was reading a link today about a ‘Peg man gets 16 months for stealing gas and thought wow are the courts getting tough on offenders.

Then I read the actual story and yup the guy got 16 months in the ‘crowbar Hilton’, but it wasn’t just for stealing gas. After you read the headline that the fellow from Winnipeg got sentenced to 16 months in jail for stealing gas the story states ‘oh yah, “he also had plead guilty to charges of possession of stolen property, theft and dangerous driving”. “He had also avoided one spike belt and stopped the vehicle prior to running over a second as he was trying to outrun the police member trying to apprehend him”.

The truth being known, about the time he took off from the RCMP member and the chase ensued, the least of his worries was the theft of a measly $34.00 of gas. The media seems to always try and grab your attention with a headline, even if the actual headline is quite a bit misleading. They are I would suppose technically correct in their headline, it is just that it is so misleading. I always view the various media’s headlines with a grain of salt as I know how skewered they can actually make a story at times.

However, I guess they did their job in that they got me to read their story even if the headline wasn’t totally correct. I do think they could have rewritten the actual headline to more accurately reflect the situation and people would still read it. Maybe not quite as many though as those that figure the courts are getting tough for the theft of a small amount such as $34.00. I guess that is the bottom line, more people read a headline, and the media outlet garners more dollars in revenue from ads, etc. Someday, maybe people will just ignore all the headlines though as the people find that most are a little bit skewered.

I wonder what the media is going to do then, tell the actual truth for once?


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