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You Have Got To Be Kidding As I was reading the S…

You Have Got To Be Kidding

As I was reading the Star Phoenix this morning, the story of a Man guilty of child porn possession fighting to still attend pre-teen gymnastics events caught my eye. Reading further into the story, I find this 40 year old man who has plead guilty to possession of child pornography wants to quote “is fighting in court for the freedom to continue attending gymnastics competitions for preteen girls” unquote.

Among his video collection located by police quote “were home movies the 40-year-old University of Saskatchewan employee made of himself masturbating in the back yard and his parents’ bedroom while dressed in a pink girl’s gymnastics uniform” unquote.

This man doesn’t see anything wrong with attending to gyms and as he stated to a psychologist quote “He claimed his collection of pictures and videos stems from a “fascination” with the physiological development of young girls, particularly their breasts, buttocks and pelvic region” unquote.

Pardon me, but if that was my daughter that this dude was watching, I most definitely would be ‘fascinated’ in rearranging this fellows anatomy. It is plain and simple wrong.

I can only hope our court system does not find some twisted way for this criminal to continue on with his fetish of watching pre-teen gymnastic girls (or anyone else) during their competitions. If this fellow does succeed in getting his conditions changed or revoked, I would think that any sane thinking parent would be withdrawing their daughters from all gym competitions immediately as a response.

This is just not right and if our courts allow this fellow to continue on, then we are in a heap of trouble as a society.

Disgusting !


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Wonderful My morning snooze was interrupted by th…


My morning snooze was interrupted by the Town Administrator this morning when he phoned bright and early. He wanted to know if the bro-in-law’s vehicles were drivable and could be moved. I enquired if there was some problem with them being on the street as both vehicles were currently licenced. Tony replied, “That there was no problem, but we were getting the street swept this morning”. He was wondering if I had the keys and could move them off to a side street until the sweeper went through. I tentatively replied yes (not knowing whether the beasts would start or not). I immediately got up and dressed and was fortunate to start both vehicles and moved both of them to the back alley. When you get the street swept in front of the house, you want the sweeper to to get it as clean as possible and cover all the street.

As I was watching the sweeper doing it’s thing, I contemplated that this was the second time we have had our street cleaned in the two years (3rd summer) we have lived in Hanley. Thinking back I can only remember my street in Regina being swept once in 9 years. Don’t even get me started on the winter grading that took place (not) in Regina!

It sure is nice to see my tax dollars in small town Saskatchewan are hard at work though.

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