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Nice Drive With nothing better to do today we dec…

Nice Drive

With nothing better to do today we decided to take a drive over to Outlook as a change of pace. The sun was shining but it really wasn’t overly warm, but still it was nice to get out and see the country side. There seems to be a fair amount of water left in the fields in some spots, but for the most part, it looks like the fields have dried up quite nicely.

While we were over that way we stopped off at Barich’s and got a box of potatoes. Believe me these are nice potatoes and at $10.00 for a 50 pound box you don’t find a much better deal. As we were driving into Barich’s I noticed all the old potatoes out in the field ready to be tilled under. These would be potatoes that spoiled or were soft, etc. That was a sure sign that planting was just about ready to start. I enquired with the young fellow serving me if they were getting near the end of last year’s harvest. He affirmed they were getting low on stock so it won’t be much longer and we’ll have to put up with the inferior potatoes you normally get at Safeway or Extra Foods, Superstore, etc.

For now we’re good to go for the next month or so with good spuds. Bring on the bbq.


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