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Finally New Wheels My newest acquisition has f…

Finally New Wheels

My newest acquisition has finally arrived in my garage. After being dicked about by a certain company down Regina way, I finally had enough and ‘let my fingers do some walking’ and called the dealership in Rosetown. The Regina company still couldn’t supply a vehicle after 2 weeks of searching whereas the young gal at Rosetown Mainline Motors was able to find a vehicle, that was probably more than what we wanted but at less cost than Regina, in about 15 minutes.


Within calling Rosetown I had a reply back within minutes of an available vehicle. A few phone calls later and it was on it’s way to Rosetown. This was Thursday afternoon. Friday just after noon, Sandra and I were on our way to Rosetown to pick up the new vehicle. By 5:00 pm we had finished all the paperwork, turned over our old vehicle and were sitting back in our living room having a cocktail to celebrate our newest purchase.

Whereas about the only real thing we wanted on our new vehicle was running boards, this vehicle comes with the following extras:

– LT preferred equipment group
– P245/65R17 On/Off Road White outline lettered tires
– Reclining front bucket seats
– AM/FM Bose Stereo with in-dash 6 disc CD changer
– 17″ X 7″ sport aluminum wheels with centre caps
– Sun and sound package (all controls on the steering wheel)
– XM Satellite radio built-in
– Front and rear roof mounted head curtain side-impact airbags
– Driver convenience package (rear seat headphone jacks, individual audio controls)
– Power adjustable brake and accelerator pedals
– BOSE premium sound system
– Side step running boards
– Underbody shield package(so the roots at the lake don’t puncture the oilpan) 🙂
– Power tilt-sliding sunroof
– Tow Hooks
– Fog lights
– Built in garage door opener
– OnStar for 1 year
– Built in voice activated cell phone (with local Hanley phone number)

All in all, the vehicle is fairly fully loaded and probably a way too many toys for me to play with. But as we are finding out, the extras sure are nice and make everyday driving that much more comfortable.

After making the decision to go with Rosetown and setting up delivery, I was not really looking forward to the ultimate call from the Regina dealer. However, about 4 hours after I had everything set up with Rosetown, the fellow from Regina called. Of course he wasn’t too happy with my decision to scrap his plans. I felt pretty crappy about the whole deal, but then the fellow was not really giving me much service and I told him so. Still all in all, it is certainly not the way I like to do business.

But, enough was enough !


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Purple Martins Are Back On Friday I heard some fo…

Purple Martins Are Back

On Friday I heard some folks announcing that they had seen purple martins swooping around the area and that they were busy getting their ‘martin houses’ raised. While I was out in the yard on Saturday I also heard and saw a martin flying around.

This is fairly early for the martins up in this country as they don’t normally arrive until mid-May. However, these birds may just be the advance scouts who search out likely areas for the main flock to settle in. The birds that have arrived here are definitely looking into building nests and what not, but as of yet there is not a lot of them.

While out working in the yard I also noted a couple of tree swallows swooping around and checking out the bird houses. Normally these miniature purple martins arrive a couple weeks earlier than their larger cousins. So they are arriving at approximately their normal time of the year.

Either way you look at it, hopefully we have some summer weather coming with the birds. So far we really have only had a couple of real nice days. Mind you yesterday and Saturday were very nice even though it was a bit windy on Saturday. It would be nice to get a little warmer though…

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