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Still Driving an Old Truck We still had heard not…

Still Driving an Old Truck

We still had heard nothing from Wheaton’s regarding our new vehicle at the end of business yesterday (Monday). So last night I got on the ‘net and did some searching. Lo and behold I found a new vehicle at Rosetown Mainline that would fit our bill to a Tee. I was determined to get up bright and early and drive to Rosetown and check out the vehicle, however, during the night I rethought the process and figured there would not be a lot of sense in driving over if they in fact did not have the vehicle in question in stock. Possibly the company didn’t up date their Internet information.

So the first thing this morning I was going to phone them and make certain they in fact had a new vehicle in stock for viewing. Once I got up I got to thinking that maybe I should give Wheaton a call to see what the heck was going on. After sitting and thinking for a few minutes I decided to call Wheaton and give them a shot as I had been dealing with them for the last 3 weeks.

When I spoke to the salesman he assured me that our vehicle was in the bag and he should know in an hour or so when the vehicle would be in Regina and available for pickup. He assured me he would give a call back in an hour or so with the details. Now this was about 11:00 a.m. so I felt I had nothing to loose by waiting and felt there was no need to drive the 2 hours over to Rosetown at this point in time. Before I knew it lunch was upon us and then just after lunch I decided that I should get the current truck cleaned up a bit and wash off the winter’s grit.

After washing and cleaning the truck and getting it all cleaned up for a turn in I noticed the time was just after 3:00 p.m. Still no call from Regina which didn’t really please me. I continued to get squared away with putting the cleaners away and just generally cleaning up. Then I headed downtown to check the mail to see what bills arrived today. About 5 minutes after my return the phone rang and it was the salesman from Wheaton’s. He assured me that the driver was heading off bright and early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to pick up our new vehicle. He would be back in Regina by late afternoon on Wednesday.

I then enquired when the vehicle would be available for pickup by yours truly and the salesman said he wanted to check it over to ensure no damage, etc. He stated he would give me a call late tomorrow to set up a pickup time. Now I’m sort of zoned in on how this guy works, so I’m not expecting a call until Thursday morning. With that I told Sandra we would probably be heading to Regina Friday morning to pick up the new wheels.

I’m not too unhappy with being able to get the vehicle on Friday as my insurance etc are issued on April 29th, so I can just transfer everything over with little fuss. I am a bit peeved though with my whole treatment from Wheaton during this vehicle purchase though. The last time we dealt with Wheaton (four years ago), it was just great. This time their service has been a lot less than stellar. I quite honestly can not say whether I will deal with them again over their treatment thus far.

There are lots of dealers out there and if this one does not want to give great service well I’ll just move onto another one that does offer better service. Mind you I shouldn’t have to worry about anything for at least the next four years.

Time will tell.


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