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So Far, So Good Sandra heard from Kay once again …

So Far, So Good

Sandra heard from Kay once again this past week. It was nice to get an update and see that she is indeed at home and recovering. From what I gather, Kay’s life is about what it has been for the last number of years (to our knowledge). That being a difficult life, but then she was responsible for making her life what it is. No one forced her to choose that lifestyle that she choose. Sure she has had some tough breaks throughout the last number of years, but then what family hasn’t faced these same tough breaks.

At least it is gratifying to hear that she is trying to get back to her former lifestyle. It would appear the original call was just that Kay was feeling a bit sorry for herself and wanted a bit of sympathy. There is nothing wrong with that at all. It is always so nice to be able to pour your troubles out to someone else and receive some kind words in return. From my experiences throughout the years, it helps some people when they are able to unload some of their troubles, even for a few moments.

The main thing is that Kay is mending physically and appears to be moving towards getting on with her life in whatever direction she has chosen. With that we most likely will not hear from her too often in the future. But at least she has our number or knows how to get a hold of her sister in the future if needed. That’s about all we can do/expect for the time being.


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