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Strange Late Night Call For a change I was in bed…

Strange Late Night Call

For a change I was in bed shortly after midnight last night. As it normally happens once you fall to sleep you usually are gone into a deep sleep. With about 20 minutes of sleep under my belt the phone startled me awake. On the other end was Sandra’s sister Kay who we hadn’t spoken to in the last seven years or so. Even the last time was very little spoken words as it was at their mother’s funeral.

First off, Kay wanted to make sure she had the right family she had called asking if this was Dale the hubby of Sandra, etc. Once I confirmed she ‘knew’ us, she informed us that she was going in for some surgery today for cancer of her jaw. From speaking to her, it sounds like this is the third time she was having this surgery and she was not liking her chances of recovery.

While I was speaking, Sandra woke up and so I handed the phone to her so she could speak to Kay. Of course both parties got a little choked up. Eventually the phone was handed back to me. We said our goodbyes’ with me wishing Kay the best and hoping for a positive outcome. I then disconnected the phone and got my head back onto my pillow.

As I was laying there mulling over what I just heard and trying to digest the information, I reflected on how sad the break up of the family was. These things happen though and there is not much you can do about them. For our part, we have never unlisted our phone number or tried to keep our location a secret from anyone in the family. Of course with Kay, she had made the move to BC quite some time ago with no one really knowing where she resided (her wishes). But she could always manage to find us, whether it was in North Battleford, Regina or now in Hanley as she usually gave us a call every five years or so for some reason or another. Mostly to let us know that she was still alive in the world. Never was there a phone number or an address to converse back and forth to her. She usually didn’t have a phone of her own and was normally ‘in between’ living arrangements so didn’t have an address to give us. At least she knew where to (or could) find us if she wanted to.

If the ultimate happens as Kay felt and said and she doesn’t make it through the surgery, we may find out about the fact sometime in the future, but there are no guarantees on that one. That would be a choice of the other part of the family. We can’t make them call us with any information. So if they do, they do and if they don’t they don’t.

I can only reflect on Kay’s words and both Sandra and I both wish her the best and hope that she does come through the surgery okay. As always, she knows how to get a hold of us and can call anytime.


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Done For Another Year Yesterday was our windup cu…

Done For Another Year

Yesterday was our windup curling for this year. It was a funspiel type of curling with the whole team staying together for the day rather than always changing after every game.

We played 3 four end games with points given for each end scored and then extra points for a win or a tie. As typical of my curling this year our team just didn’t do too well.

Our first game we really stunk up the place and got totally skunked (ie we didn’t score in one end). I think the final score was something like 7-0 so the score wasn’t totally bad. It was just that we couldn’t even get a point in the 4 ends.

The team then had an hour off prior to the start of our second set. Of course this was the noon hour so when we got back on the ice we all were ready for a snooze rather than curling. However, we managed to score in 2 of the ends, but we still came out as losers once again.

It is interesting in that we were scheduled to play all 3 of our games on the same ice which was sheet 2. After our second game we just stayed out on the ice waiting for the opposition. When the opposing team came out we were advised that we had been moved to sheet 1 to play on. This sheet had not been played on for about 2 1/2 hours whereas sheet 2 had played 3 games in a row on.

So we moved over to sheet 1 and commenced the game. Wow was the ice ever heavy. You had to throw take out weight just to get the darn rock into the rings. For the first end only 3 rocks actually got past the hog line. That’s out of 16. Not a very good percentage. However, we played on and the ice did start to keen up some.

At the end of the game, we were up by a point on the last end, however, the other team had last rock. Their skip had a fairly decent shot for a take out to sit two. But he must have choked a bit and they only managed to count 1. So we ended up with a tie game.

I didn’t even bother to look at the scoreboard as I knew that we had the least amount of points of any team. This was not exactly ending the year on a winning note, but at least I (and most everyone else) enjoyed ourselves.

For now, most of the members from the curling will be moving over to golf to see if they can do any better wacking the little white ball around. Many of my curling friends are trying to get me to ‘go out’ and give it a try. As they say, it is just as enjoyable as the curling.

Who knows, after a week or so of nothing to humiliate myself with, I just might take them up on their offer to show me the ropes in golf. I have only been on a golf course once in my life and that was probably 25 years ago or so.

Stranger things can happen.

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