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No Curling As tomorrow is Monday, I was gearing m…

No Curling

As tomorrow is Monday, I was gearing my mind up to the second last curling game of the season. However I received a phone call from the fellow who is looking after the league and he advised that we were going to have to cancel the draw this Monday.

It appears there is a funeral in town and the hall was going to be used. Mind you he also said that there were already 12 people that had called to advise that they would not be able to curl at any rate. I’m not sure if they are sick, away, or just what. Only that they wouldn’t be there. It is darn hard to run a league when that many people are not going to show up.

So our next (and I believe) last draw will be held on March 19th. However, if I remember correctly, last year we also had a sort of funspiel type of thing. But I could be getting it confused with some other curling. At any rate with the weather turning a whole lot nicer of late, I’m sure that most people are going to turn their minds to other things than cold ice and sweeping.

It is always sad to finish up the year though as it is a very nice way to get a bit of exercise and also get out and mingle with a few of the towns folks. Oh well, it is only 9 months or so until next December when the league starts up again.


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WOW! What a Lot of Deer For the last month or so …

WOW! What a Lot of Deer

For the last month or so every time we drive into or out of the city we have been presented with a huge herd of whitetail deer in the fields along the side of the highway. Whatever the local farmer planted in the field sure must taste good to these deer as they are always browsing when we go by.

Now these deer are staying in the fields and are not coming across the highway so they certainly are not bothering me (or the other travelling public). Well at least when I have gone by they are nice and comfortable in the field. Of course I don’t do a lot of driving during the late evening/night time. In the evening/night there could be a lot more movement across the highway, however, there is not a lot of dead deer along the ditches. That is a plus as normally you always see 8-10 dead deer on the side of the road in the 60 km or so stretch of highway into the city.

As we were driving south this afternoon we were watching for the deer and they were exactly where they always have been this last month. I’m definitely going to have to take along my camera and try and get a few shots of the herd. Most folks just wouldn’t believe there were that many deer so close to the city. Just as a rough estimate I would say there has to be between 100 and 150 deer in this one little field. This is just what you can see from the road. How many more are in behind a bush or over the next hill, etc.

It is just amazing and the really neat thing is that as the deer browse they’ll look up as the traffic goes by and they don’t even move an inch. It’s as if they know they have nothing to fear while they are up in the field and away from the highway.

I’m heading into the city again on Wednesday so I’ll definitely be taking my camera along to see if I can get a shot or two.

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