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Another Big W Beside My Name We tried our hardest…

Another Big W Beside My Name

We tried our hardest to give it away today at the Monday curling draws. We kept letting the other team fill up the house with their rocks. The only good part was that we were fortunate to only allow them to score a single point for the most part.

On one end we did fall horribly apart and gave them a 4 ender. It looked like our luck was fading away, but we fought back and got a 2 ender the next end. The following end we then stole another 2 to get our 4 points back.

It took us to last rock and then our skip came into the house and knocked out one of the opposing teams rocks to allow us to count a 4 ender. We ended up winning the game on that shot.

The nice part was I was playing against the lady that was just a shade better than I was in the standings. With this W under my belt, I can move into second worst curler rather than just the worst curler. But then heck we still have 2 more games to go so anything can (and likely will) happen.

For now I’m just going to savour the extra W beside my name. At least until next Monday.


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Bored or What ??? Frik I must be bored…. Out of…

Bored or What ???

Frik I must be bored…. Out of nowhere I decided that I would stick in my ‘Restore disk’ on my laptop to see what would happen. No you have to realize that I know what a ‘restore’ disk does. Duh! It formats the hard drive and reinstalls the operating system back to when you purchased the computer.

Knowing this I still went ahead and ‘restored’ my laptop which has been running fine for the last 5 years. Yup, it wiped everything off the hard drive and we started over again. Now this is not as bad as it seems as I have a backup DVD of the hard drive and I have backups of the important information on my main computers.

But it is darn interesting to see what you have when you start over from scratch. You know what, the darn computer sure runs a way faster than it has been of late. It doesn’t have all that garbage of programs on it, so zip zap and away you go.

I must admit the laptop is about 75% faster after the reformat. When I click on the IE button I’m connected to the home page a way faster than ever before. Well that is not quite correct. When I first purchased the laptop it was very responsive and the IE would load up quick as all get out. Of course over time I added different programs and the computer slowed down considerably.

Oh wouldn’t it be nice to not add any programs and just use the computer with just the basic IE and maybe an EMail client. Overall it sure would save you time throughout the day…..

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