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The Wins Keep Rolling Along It’s a Monday so ther…

The Wins Keep Rolling Along

It’s a Monday so there was curling once again. The long and short of it was that we had the game in the bag but allowed the other team to come back and tie it up eight all on the 7th end. We had the hammer for the 8th but it was not looking too good coming up to skips rocks. The other team was able to tuck a rock in the four foot and then surrounded the darn thing with other rocks.

Our skip was going to try a ‘TV’ shot but we really didn’t think he would be able to make it. Even he didn’t think so. But as it happens in curling at times ‘Plan B’ came to the forefront and bing, bang, bong and we were sitting with a counter sitting on the edge of the four foot and their rock had moved out of the four foot. We also had lots of surrounding stones guarding the button. The other skip tried his best to get a rebound and knock us out of scoring, but he came up a couple inches too short.

Our skip didn’t even bother throwing his last rock (in case we hit something we shouldn’t be hitting). The final score was 9 to 8 for us. That means another big ‘W’ for me in the standings.

I just didn’t have the will power to look at the other curlers to see how they made out today. If the other curlers had prevailed and won their games, then I would still be sitting on the bottom with the worst record. Mind you, I just may have the worst record, but at least I don’t know that at this point in time.

I think I’ll just savour the win for another week before I actually look at the individual listings for the players.

Reality will be here soon enough 😦


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