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WhoooHooo It’s A Win!!! Even though it was a holi…

WhoooHooo It’s A Win!!!

Even though it was a holiday in Saskatchewan today, we still had our curling go ahead as normal. I played the late game today, but was at the rink early as I was on lunch detail. When there were no customers waiting for lunch I got to looking at the curling board and the wins/losses of all the members.

As I glanced through the list I saw that I probably had the worst record of anyone who regularly curls. I have only had 1 win under my name since we started curling. I did notice that one other lady only had 2 wins under her belt. She was curling the early game and it looked like she was not going to get another “W” beside her name. So I had some hope with our upcoming game.

We actually had a very good game going for us even though we had given up a 3 ender to the opponents. On the 7th end we actually scored a 4 ender and tied it up coming home. Of course the other team had the hammer, but we were going to give it our best.

Lo and behold we stole 2 on the 8th end and we were victorious. That also meant that I got another ‘W’ beside my name. I was just thrilled as all get out, but then I looked over at the other lady to relish that we were even in the standings. Wow was I deflated, her team pulled off a tie today so she was now sitting at 2 W’s and 1 T with the rest being L for losses. My total is still only showing 2 W beside my name with all the rest being L.

That means that once again I have the worst record for all the main curlers in the Senior Curling League. You know, I just might get a complex soon. But I do have 3 more weeks to go so hopefully I can pull out at least a tie to add to my list. A win would really be great though 🙂


February 19, 2007 - Posted by | Curling

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