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Trucker No More Well it is official now. James ha…

Trucker No More

Well it is official now. James has hung up his 18 wheel steering wheel for the time being. He is now going to see if he can climb towers without falling off. Just prior to starting the recent job hauling super B trailers around he had applied to ‘Your Link’ to work on their tower crew. This is the same company that ‘Uncle Ron’ works for.

James went in for an interview last Thursday and he found out on Friday that he had gotten the job. That meant that he had to hand in the keys for the Kenworth and dig out his woollies to keep warm on the new job.

I guess he has to go in to the office on Wednesday and fill out some papers and then he’s onto tower climbing. He’s been told to pack a bag when he reports on Wednesday so he will likely be working out out town for a couple of days.

The nice part of the job is that it is essentially Monday to Friday and weekends off. The pay isn’t bad either and there are benefits. Definitely sounds better than jambing gears back and forth. But then it can get a bit cool out there in the winter time. Especially if you are a hundred or so feet off the ground.

Worth a try for sure and the best of luck to James in his new endeavour.

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WhoooHooo It’s A Win!!! Even though it was a holi…

WhoooHooo It’s A Win!!!

Even though it was a holiday in Saskatchewan today, we still had our curling go ahead as normal. I played the late game today, but was at the rink early as I was on lunch detail. When there were no customers waiting for lunch I got to looking at the curling board and the wins/losses of all the members.

As I glanced through the list I saw that I probably had the worst record of anyone who regularly curls. I have only had 1 win under my name since we started curling. I did notice that one other lady only had 2 wins under her belt. She was curling the early game and it looked like she was not going to get another “W” beside her name. So I had some hope with our upcoming game.

We actually had a very good game going for us even though we had given up a 3 ender to the opponents. On the 7th end we actually scored a 4 ender and tied it up coming home. Of course the other team had the hammer, but we were going to give it our best.

Lo and behold we stole 2 on the 8th end and we were victorious. That also meant that I got another ‘W’ beside my name. I was just thrilled as all get out, but then I looked over at the other lady to relish that we were even in the standings. Wow was I deflated, her team pulled off a tie today so she was now sitting at 2 W’s and 1 T with the rest being L for losses. My total is still only showing 2 W beside my name with all the rest being L.

That means that once again I have the worst record for all the main curlers in the Senior Curling League. You know, I just might get a complex soon. But I do have 3 more weeks to go so hopefully I can pull out at least a tie to add to my list. A win would really be great though 🙂

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