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Vista Programs Today I had some good news and som…

Vista Programs

Today I had some good news and some bad news. The good news was that NOD32 is now Vista compatible and so I should be able to install the program on the new computer with no problem. The bad news is that ZoneAlarm PRO is not yet compatible and ZoneAlarm themselves advise against installing it until they have got a Vista compatible upgrade available.

Then I read a few other spots on the net and there is some question as to the actual need for a further firewall as the Vista firewall is much better than the previous XP firewall. Vista’s firewall does check for outgoing connections from the computer whereas the XP version did not. That was one of my main aims for using ZoneAlarm. It prevented programs from accidentally being downloaded and clearing the virus scan and then installing themselves and sending out information from the computer (ie Trojan programs). So if the Vista firewall does in fact do as good a job as ZoneAlarm, then I would wonder why I would in fact need ZoneAlarm.

I still have the 60 days (57 now) Norton Internet Security version up and running on the Vista computer for now. I’ll be leaving it installed for a few more days until I can read up a bit more on the firewall program installed through Vista. As my time counts down for the end of the Norton’s then I can install my NOD32 program (which has been paid for) and go with the Vista firewall until ZoneAlarm comes out with an upgrade.

Other than that the Vista computer is humming right along and I have most of my files (that I wanted on the new computer) copied over. Thank goodness for routers and the ability to network the computers together. I’ve not run into any more programs that do not work on the Vista operating system yet.

One of these fine days though, I’ll have to get Sandra’s computer transferred over. She inherited my old 2.8 Intel tower and we’ll replace her 800 Duron. I’ve tentatively transferred programs, but I just haven’t gotten all of her emails, favourites, etc transferred. I keep telling her soon just after I finish doing something on my computer…

Sometimes I don’t really think she believes me though 🙂


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