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One is a Lonely Number This is Monday so it was c…

One is a Lonely Number

This is Monday so it was curling day once again. As per normal the team I was on gave it a valiant try, however, we came up a couple points too short. It was 7-6 for the other team going into the last end. We had the hammer which should have allowed us to at least tie the game. As per normal, the team didn’t bring it to the forefront and we gave up a steal of 1 in the final end. The final score being 8 to 6 for the other folks. Mark that down as one more ‘L’ beside my name.

That makes it 7 L’s and 1 W for my record in the league so far this curling year.

But of course it is all for fun and exercise, so I certainly don’t take it personally. When you are playing with different people on your team every week, anything is possible. In my case it is just a bunch of L’s beside my name.

So be it 🙂


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