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The Snow Keeps On Coming We have had snow and blo…

The Snow Keeps On Coming

We have had snow and blowing snow for the last couple of days and I’m getting a little tired with it all. We were in the city on Tuesday to do a bit of shopping and ran into snow on the way into the city. While in the city the snow increased and then the winds started to pick up.

I had a few stops to make before we could make our break for the country once again. Of course my eye was watching the impending blizzard conditions with a bit of trepidation. However, I’ll gladly exchange the slippery city streets for some lower visibility driving out in the country.

I think the city of Saskatoon is trying to save a few bucks or something as the roads are just atrocious. These are not the side streets, these are the main roads such as 8th Street, 33rd Street, etc. However, in all honesty it is hard to keep the roads sanded when the snow and blowing snow is just moving the sand around all of the time.

We did make it back home safe and sound although it took a bit longer than normal, but then it is winter and you expect the sub standard road conditions. The wind continued to pick up throughout the evening and we had a mini blizzard around 11pm or so. It was nowhere as bad as it was with the full flown blizzard a week or so though.

So Wednesday morning I fired up ‘big red’ and cleared out the driveways and sidewalks around our house. It normally takes about 60-90 minutes to get it all done which is good exercise as far as I’m concerned. But this week I’ve caught a bit of a cold so it isn’t the best situation to try and fight the snow.

Then last night as I was sitting watching the boob tube, the darn wind started to pick up and then it started snowing again. Once again we had ourselves a mini blizzard. After I got up this morning, I sat and looked out the window at the driveway and was tempted to say ‘to hell with it’ and let it sit. But then I thought a bit more and decided to head out into the weather once again.

Brrrr, it was a lot colder out there today as the temperature was sitting near the -25 point and then a fairly gusty wind on top of that. But 90 minutes later I got to park ‘big red’ once again. My world was at peace once again, and the driveways, sidewalks, next door neighbor’s driveways, etc were all nice and clear and ready for the next onslaught.

As I’m sitting here typing this, the darn wind is picking up once again. The forecast is calling for ‘light snow’ in our area, but the forecasters are warning of blizzard conditions south of us in the Regina area. Those forecasters have been wrong before, but I’m hoping that they aren’t this time.

I looked in on the fellow from Tomkins, Saskatchewan who predicts weather by chewing on Pig Spleens to see what he had for a forecast. It doesn’t look good as far as I can tell, but the only consolidation I have is that I hope he is talking about ‘southern Saskatchewan’ and not for us folks that are little bit north of Regina. Afterall, we do have at least 1 or 2 trees up in this neck of the woods to block off some of that darn wind.

We can always hope, can’t we?

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Wish Came True It appears that someone has gotten…

Wish Came True

It appears that someone has gotten their wish to come true for them. James made it back to the Saskatoon area last Thursday and then spent the day in the city on Friday the 26th. He then had the weekend off to do as he wished.

The only problem was that the boss never called to get him back to work after the weekend. Finally James made his own way in to the city and found out his truck was going out, but he as sitting at home. A little deja vu floated to the surface as far as I could tell. As per Another Day, No More Dollars It seems that one of the senior drivers needed a truck as his clutch went out on his own truck.

The next thing James knew he was advised to clear his gear out of his truck. This was from the senior driver and it appeared to be a ‘sacking in progress’ from my point of view. James tried calling the boss/owner to find out his status, but as of today there has been no returned calls from Roger.

Of course he doesn’t know what the heck is going on, but it could very well be that he did get his wish to have more time back home in Hanley. The only problem is that he won’t be out on the road in the near future. Without actually having spoken to the owner of the company, it is hard to figure out just where he sits though.

From my point of view, it seems that the ‘parting of the ways’ has been coming for the last month or so. James didn’t seem to be happy with what was happening by being out on the road all of the time as a long haul trucker and the boss was getting a bit unhappy with the amount of downtime required in Hanley.

Too bad, but that is the way things go every now and then. Hopefully it will all get settled out in the next bit and all can get on with their respective goals in life.

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