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Busy House Arranging Just after speaking to James…

Busy House Arranging

Just after speaking to James, I had a call from Wendell. I guess Sheila, Wendell and the girls are heading up this way to visit with us this weekend as well. We’ll have a full house this weekend. It also means that I had to do a bit of cleaning up downstairs and set up a semi bedroom. That means moving boxes in my work room around to allow for a bedroom to be created out of the room. There is a bedroom downstairs, however, James has dibs on that one.

I know for sure that come this summer, there is going to be a lot of junk that either hits the garbage or at least gets repacked and moved out to the shed. I’m getting tired of moving everything around whenever visitors come for a visit. The idea was that I was going to sort through it all after we got settled in and get rid of what we could. Any of the saved articles that we wanted and could be, would be moved out to the shed. That way I could have a nice bedroom in the basement for visitors and also I could have a small work room that I could putter around in.

I lost the bedroom to James and I never did get around to sorting the boxes after we moved in. Then before I knew it I ended up with a couple truck loads of James belongings. When Craig made the move back north I also ended up with some of his extra boxes. They also ended up in the basement.

Hopefully I can get some of it sorted out this summer to allow some extra room downstairs.


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Out of the States James is steaming northbound at…

Out of the States

James is steaming northbound attempting to get out of the US prior to the next big storm coming through. I spoke to him at 10:40 a.m. this morning and he was just entering North Dakota. According to NOAA, there is a large snow storm moving into South Dakota today however, James will be long out of that area prior to the storm hitting. Mind you, the majority of his trucking time is down into that part of the country, but for this trip he has safely traversed the ice and snow.

If all goes according to the plan, James should be up in this neck of the woods by about 5:30 to 6:00 pm tonight. It depends on whether he is going to take his unit right into the city and let it sit there until Monday or stop here in Hanley for a day or so and then carry on. The load is destined for Calgary and James was scheduled to take it all the way for delivery early Monday. Of course plans change.

The idea would be that he would take the load up to Calgary, pick up something else and make it back to Saskatoon for Thursday. He would then get a few days off at home rather than sitting in a foreign place such as Houston. Mind you as he sits, his mileage stays at zero which means less dollars. But I don’t really think that the monetary reward is where his thoughts are at this stage of the game.

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