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Stuck in the South When I got home from curling I…

Stuck in the South

When I got home from curling I had a message waiting from James. He wanted me to give him a call when I could, so I returned the call. He did get loaded, however, now he is over weight and needs permits. He is now sitting on the north edge of Houston.

The boss was trying to line up some permits for him to start trucking again and hopefully would have them today. It was interesting that the boss suggested that maybe James would be able to leave this evening sometime. That gets me to thinking… permits and evenings.

To my thinking, most of the scales are closed in the evenings. So if he is wanting James to travel in the evening/night, then maybe the permits are not actually there, and he wants James to bypass a few scales. That doesn’t sound too cricket to me.

James did comment that he was tired of driving at night and wanted to do some driving during the daylight hours. Some truckers like driving at night, and others prefer the daylight hours. I know that James was looking at another job where he would be just driving within a 2 hour limit of home (or so). As well it would be just a Monday to Friday driving job.

It would appear that he is comparing the two jobs and leaning more to the one around home (if it actually materializes). He wouldn’t get to see as much country, but hopefully there would be some stability in his life.

My thoughts are you don’t throw away something without first having a heck of a good replacement first. Hopefully it all plans out for him.


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Perfect Record I was up bright and early this mor…

Perfect Record

I was up bright and early this morning so I could head down to the curling rink for the Monday curling match. This was to be my fifth game since we started curling on December 11th.

Today we started out great guns with a 4 ender in the 2nd followed by a 3 ender and then a single. It would seem that the game was going our way. But as it normally happens, the plan fell apart and we just couldn’t make any shots for the rest of the game. They didn’t beat us too terribly badly, but the other team did come out on top.

So that makes it a perfect score for me. Five games played, five games lost 😦

Of course the curling is just for the fun and for a bit of exercise. Actually I find it is such a wonderful way to meet fellow citizens of the town and vice versa. I don’t really care what the score is.

I do have a few games to go prior to the end of the season, so I’m hoping I will be able to come out victorious in at least one game for the year.

Time will tell.

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